Here’s The Thing…The Palms Wasn’t Taking Reservations…

My dog is sick.

She has been shaking and panting, hiding in closets and following me around…above and beyond her usual weirdness.
I took her to the vet today. Usually I would take her to a vet who is two cities away, because he is cheap and he is good. However, that didn’t fit into my schedule and so we ended up at a big chain pet store.
Taking your dog to the vet is a great way to spend that extra pocket change that’s been burning a hole in your…pocket.
I was a tad cranky after the exam when I stumbled upon an empty cage in the rat/hamster section that said, “We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new pet!”
Really? You are that excited about a rat? Are you eight? Is this why you think you can charge a ridiculous amount of money for a blood work up on a small, annoying terrier? Is this why your goldfish are four dollars?
So, I went home, to sulk in my non-animal loving ways.

12 thoughts on “Here’s The Thing…The Palms Wasn’t Taking Reservations…

  1. I used to take my dog to a chain vet because my original vet retired. I never felt they were on the “up and up”…I wasted so much money there! Luckily I started going to a vet who has boys that played high school football with my 2 oldest, so it's all good!


  2. ha! i hope she is feeling loads better. (and i bequeath you with fifty bonus points for rising above your non-animal-loving ways and taking such excellent care of your furry gal. not sure i'd behave quite as admirably.) 🙂


  3. You poor sweetie…I mean you, not the dog, but I do hope the pup recovers. We had a dog that ate a whole blanket in the middle of the night. the next day we took him to the vet durring an epic blizzard we almost died–the dog recovered.


  4. You're just bitter because a hamster costs less than a dog at the vet ; ) (Actually, maybe they cost more… maybe they need expensive micro-tools or something!)

    I'm crazy about my dog, but I still laughed at that clip. I know Wil's methods wouldn't work on her, though. She believes everything she does is for our own ultimate good…


  5. stop it.

    stop everything that you're doing.

    i saw the title in my reader and i made an embarassingly loud laugh — which, thankfully, only the toddler heard.

    i thought my husband and i were the only two people alive who quoted this.

    i've missed you, friend.


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