A Mother’s Prayer vs. The Dark Side

We watched this commercial, and he came running. He lamented his lack of Darth Vader costume and I told him he had one, in the dress up box. He ran and returned with a black polyester pant suit, a gift from my Aunt who has already dealt with small boys and the Dark Side. Now she is dealing with football and high school and other more frightening things.

I put the suit on him and roll up the pant legs, too long on his three year old frame. He wishes for a helmet and I tell him to use his imagination. He asks me what the buttons are for, the ones screen printed onto his chest.
I have no idea what they are for, but they probably aren’t for anything good, and I open my mouth, intent on diminishing the glamour of super villains.
“That button is to make coffee.”
He stares at me, confused, and I smile to tell him I am joking.
“But, there’s no cup!” he looks at me, his logic surpassing mine for the fortieth time today.
I just stare at him, speechless. No cup for Darth Vader’s built in coffee maker? I’m stumped.
“Oh, it goes straight into his tummy right mom?” he problem solves.
“Er, probably. Great idea Q”
And the questions continue as long as there are buttons, and I tell him that Darth Vader also has a soda dispenser, and a cd player built into his control panel.
“and THIS button flushes the toilet!” I say, straight faced.
There is a long pause, and my husband’s exasperated glance almost sends me into giggle fits, but Q speaks first, “Ohhh! So when Darth Vader goes pee pee in his suit dis button flushes it away?”
I laugh then, and I feel better thinking I have toppled the glamour of the super evil Darth. I relax and say, “What is this button for Q?”
The last button.
“Oh, this button? This button is for…SHOOTING BULLETS! PEW PEW!” and he runs off to shoot his Grandmother, and I am left to wonder what to do with this boy who loves all things powerful and super. Guns make me nervous, to say nothing of mind controlling half robot space things. Maybe I should be worried.
We tell him that good guys are stronger than bad guys, and that God is the biggest superhero of them all, and the most powerful, and nothing is impossible with Him.
It sounds so good until…”Mom, why doesn’t God do tricks?”
And I stall, against a wall of theology I’ve never thought about, “Uh, what do you mean by tricks?”
“YOU know, cool tricks. Tricks like I do.”
“What sort of tricks do you do Q?”
“Why God not wiggle his bottom like me?”
And it’s then that I realize that I don’t know much, and hardly anything, and maybe it’s a comfort to have the mystery of God, and maybe these conversations are to teach me that I am not the one who saves. It takes a miracle, a hand of God, for things like this.
I’ll just settle in to my couch, push aside three Transformers and a Superman, and pray. It’s the only thing this mother who doesn’t know much can do…pray, and laugh.

17 thoughts on “A Mother’s Prayer vs. The Dark Side

  1. I love that commercial. Love it! Also, if someone could create a button that I could use so that I didn't actually have to take the time to go to the bathroom, that'd be awesome.

    And, of course, if there was a god who COULD shake his or her bottom, maybe I'd become a believer.. 😉


  2. This is so sweet. I love the way his little mind works. Yes – pray. My little boys are all grown up with children of their own, and I miss days like the one you've described. All will be well Mom – they have a way of growing up into wonderful Godly men.


  3. we have a darth vader helmut. it has buttons and makes creepy darth voices, and it's not as fun as your make-believe buttons….especially the one that flushes peepee. make-believe is always more awesome than the real thing anyways.


  4. Look, see what God did? He made a special trick happen, a bottom wiggly kind of trick. He humbled a great and good mommy who answers all the thousand and one unanswerable questions with patience and love.

    There were days I had to put a limit on the questions. But then again, I had girls. They. Never. Stop. Talking.

    Sweet story and I loved that commercial.


  5. What a FABULOUS commercial!!!!

    My daughter always wanted to dress up as Luke Skywalker when all the other little girls were brides and princesses. She had a light saber, too. And she seems pretty normal today… no thanks to me. God is good. And grace. And love. For all those mysteries we ourselves will never understand, let alone be able to explain.

    I think I'd feel nervous telling my toddler he had a button that would flush if he peed in his Darth suit…


  6. my son loves superheroes, too. so concerned with Good Vs. Evil, and usually assuming he's good. but also super-willing to 'fess up and ask forgiveness. if yours is anything like mine, i'd say he's out way ahead. 🙂


  7. Oh Ostrich Girl, I'm still laughing. That's the hardest I laughed all day. Thanks, I needed that. I'm still having a hard time getting over God wiggling His bottom. I'll bet Q made Him laugh, too.


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