Gratitude Number 307: Romance from Heaven

There is a certain temperature that does something to my blood. Around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, my blood starts to bubble, like pink Champagne and everything in me dances, and I have smiles for the stranger and patience for my children.

Today was a sun day, a magic day, a 70 degree day and nothing could spoil it. I watched the phlebotomist draw real red from my 21 month old’s arm, and I smiled big the whole time, excited to find answers to low iron and happy to be squeezing him tight, and melted by his crying “WHY!?” in the middle.
If that’s not a positive attitude, then paint me purple and call me Steve.
After the lab visit I went to the store for bananas and purchased a saints worth of perennials. I spent my Love Day planting Bleeding Hearts and Asters and wondering what a Hosta will actually look like. I did my fair share of weeding as well, but even weeding seems romantic when the sun sets on the prickly grass. Finally, my husband had to call me in to the house, in to the laundry piles and the sippy cup sprinkles and I didn’t mind the mess but I did make chicken salad sandwiches…with extra relish.
Today was a day for relishing.
And now I can’t move because my back hurts and I blame my Bleeding Hearts but I don’t hold it against them.
Yesterday Sheldon threw a baseball and hit me in the nose/teeth, and my teeth still hurt and I’m thinking they might fall out, but for tonight they’re still here, and I’m still eating brownies.
I’m thinking I should have taken pictures of my yard, and the sun, and the leaves, and the snail commune I found under the mystery bush…but I was too busy living with dirty fingernails and mud to be bothered…besides, I had some on reserve for just a day like today, all pink and abundant.
I have a message for my Winter Locked Friends who wonder if it will be always winter. I have a message!
SPRING IS COMING! I have seen it in the shadows, and felt it on my skin! Take heart! Have faith! And start browsing seed catalogues and shaving your legs, because it won’t be long now.

12 thoughts on “Gratitude Number 307: Romance from Heaven

  1. I see we are both posting beyond our bedtimes tonight.
    I so appreciate your word today. Because while it WAS a balmy 51 degrees here today, the snow piles are still huge and, well…huge.
    I really hope they will melt. This year.
    Man, you were cheery today!


  2. Thank goodness spring is on its way!
    When you and others post on gardening and such it makes me want to start one but a)the ground here is not good for gardening, b) we are trying to sell our house and c)I know nothing about gardening! šŸ™‚


  3. Bahaa. It is me. I am the stir crazy, cabin fevered Canadian friend. I. AM. ENVIOUS!!!
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. And thanks for the encouragement.
    It snowed again today…my kids are STILL SICK. Spring seems like a cruel joke that will never come. You give a pallid faced woman hope.


  4. you have this gift of touching heart and making smiles at the same time. it sounds like such a beautiful warm and dirty day! :)) i hope your back and your teeth all feel better and much, much love to you~


  5. Trying hard to choke back my insane jealousy and say, “Thank you for the encouragement!” The good news is, we hit fifty degrees yesterday and the two feet of snow on my deck has now shrunk to a mere twenty-one inches. Not sure I'm ready to shave my legs for that! I'm glad you like bleeding hearts–they make me profoundly happy.

    Paint you purple and call you Steve? My, you WERE out in the sun a long time, friend!

    BTW–if you hate fish, why are they swimming across your masthead? Do you pretend to shoot at them or something when you see them swimming across?


  6. I love the springy/summery pics. Especially the last one — lol…

    Horrible about your teeth injury, but I'm glad they're all still in place… You're going to give me nightmares.


  7. Hosta get really big. They're beautiful. You can divide them in early spring. I never have, though; I'm too lazy. So mine are ginormous. Okay, so I, like Nancy, am choking down jealousy. My deck is still covered in snow. BUT, my hens have started laying again. Beautiful, pale blue-green eggs. To me, this is a harbinger of spring, but not worth shaving my legs yet.


  8. We've got seventies today here in Florida, too, and hibiscus, and azaleas, but we don't have any of those amazing blooms in your first photo. What are they?

    (and I hope everything is okay with your little one…)


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