‘The Hidden Costs of Superhero Housing’ or ‘Why I’m Tired All The Time’

My son loves this little cucumber hero named Larry Boy:

So I made him a Larry Boy helmet:
Now is the time for you to marvel at my innovative and creative ways.
He’s been fighting crime lately, reporting on the local citizens (“MOM! Sheldon isn’t SHARING and CARING!”), and practicing citizen’s arrests (“MOM! Sheldon is being naughty so I had to push him to make him stop!”).
It’s nice to have a superhero in the house, but sometimes it’s nicer when the superhero takes a nap.
So, now you know who to call if you’re having trouble.
Happy Tuesday!

14 thoughts on “‘The Hidden Costs of Superhero Housing’ or ‘Why I’m Tired All The Time’

  1. I have had my fill of Larry Boy in this household! Glad to see I am not the only one with a child who marvels at talking cucumbers! Every time I get cucumbers at the grocery store, I have to get an extra one for Ashley Joy to carry around until it is all wrinkly and shrunken!


  2. if only all superheroes were that adorable. (I! Am! That! Hero! Super suction ears away!)(also, the sharing and caring comment got my giggles going…he is most definitely your kid.) 🙂


  3. This is so funny! We have a Larry Boy fan at our house too (although no awesome helmet).

    Elijah always plays with plungers at the store. I reminded him “Plungers at the store — okay to play with. Plungers at people's house — NOT okay to play with.” lol…

    I love the vigilantism — Elijah's like that too…


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