We Shall Eat CAKE: Ode To A Man

He’s coming home, he’s been gone since Tuesday.

When he called me an hour ago I shouted “WHAT?!” in his ear, because people were throwing balls at my head and there was urine on the floor. I’m nice like that.

So I’ll make him a cake. His favorite, only kind. It’s white Funfetti and at first I feel guilty about not making something more scratch-y and apron-y, but then I remember he doesn’t like anything else, and later I am grateful for cake mix because I almost forgot to put the water in, and when I do the mixer is flying and the water flies too, all over the place.
So he gets cake, and that’s something. I haven’t gone insane so there’s that. The pee pee is off of the floor, and that’s another thing. The boys are up past bedtime even though I was ready to clock out three hours ago, and that’s something too. They missed Daddy SO MUCH (so I’ve been told every day on the hour). When he comes home, Quinten has informed me that they will eat Pineapple.
It seems fortuitous, therefore, that I bought one yesterday.
I missed him. I’m tired and cranky and slightly crazy, and I’m wearing a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans that have remnants of tonight’s slap together dinner on them, and maybe this isn’t the most romantic homecoming. I just hope no one is screaming when he walks through the door…but I missed him and that’s that.
Tonight we shall eat cake…(I wish it was chocolate!)
Update: They MAULED him at the door, and ran around playing pirates afterwards. I sat on the couch.

19 thoughts on “We Shall Eat CAKE: Ode To A Man

  1. Funfetti is my youngest's fave. She wants it every birthday. Is there any other kind of cake but the mix kind. I am a Home Ec major and it is all I have ever used. They are just too good. I am glad Daddy is home, I bet Mommy needs a break.


  2. Daddy being gone is one thing. Daddy being gone while PREGGERS, is another! Yay for daddy, cake, and couches! πŸ™‚

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    BTW – happy potty training. Muahaha.


  3. I'm glad your pirate husband is home from his pillaging and plundering (or whatever he was doing). I hope he can help you maintain a urine-free environment.

    Cake is always well received, no matter its origin.


  4. we just moved. and my he has a new job, and he will be home.every.night. i'm still delirious. and a little amazed that the days are still long. πŸ™‚ but i guess that's what happens when there's peep (that's how my PT toddle says pee pee) on the floor and stuff being thrown like tantrums (oh yeah, those too). it's a wild world, this one of littles. so glad our hes return to us and play pirates and jungle gyms so we can sit on couches. πŸ™‚


  5. My friend Ethel's daughter had a funfetti wedding cake (which should surprise absolutely no one who's ever read anything I've written about my friend Ethel). My husband traveled for many years. It ain't easy, girlfriend. Glad he's home.


  6. Funfetti? cute! Mine likes carrot. Come to think of it, I have never made him a carrot cake. how mean am i!? Glad he's home. Single parenting, even for a short while is HARD work.


  7. Awesome. (The part where you got to sit on the couch while they played pirates.)

    Oh and the rest of it, too. Love this post.

    Found you through Cheryl. Am a major fan of hers and of t.s. eliot, so I must subscribe.

    To you. Not eliot.

    Happy homecoming…


  8. our mister is gone too, and things are fine except for the minor detail that goes I Cannot Sleep When He Isn't Here. so i have been awake for like three days straight at this point, and i have a couple more to go, and i am pretty much resigned to squinting at life bleary-eyed until he returns.

    when he steps through that doorway, i am taking a four day nap. and then maybe when i wake i shall attempt a cake. (excellent idea, that cake.)


  9. Love love love you! Laughing and laughing! My favorite line (well, actually, the whole post was one favorite line after the other), but my favorite-ist was “I sat on the couch.” I can totally see it.


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