A Love Affair: Size 3T

My son is three, and he likes the ladies.

The closest he’s been to girls lately was when he helped me pick out an outfit for his cousin’s birthday. It was only through fancy talk and distraction on my part that the cousin didn’t end up with a frilly pink Easter dress. He digs fluffy dresses. He loves giant hair bows.
Loves them.
Today I saw her, walking with her parents, and I knew. She was wearing a giant yellow flower in her hair, and her yellow dress had ruffles, and her pink jacket was adorable.
She pushed him around in the Cozy Coupe car before church.
When I picked Q from his Sunday School class he announced that he had a new friend and proceeded to talk about her and ONLY her, for twenty minutes.
“Her name was Madeline”

“She had a yellow hair bow and a yellow dress”

“Mom, when are we going to Madeline’s house? I asked her and she said it would take a looong time to get there.”

“When I go on a trip with Madeline, I’m going to share my juice box.”

“When I play with Madeline, I am going to share something special. My white car is special, and so I’ll let Madeline borrow it.”

“Can I invite Madeline over for movie night?”

“When can I invite Madeline to my house? I want to play with my friend today? Please ask Madeline to come over.”

“No. Mom. I don’t want to make other friends too I just want to play with Madeline. She can be my only friend.”

What the?
Derrick was no help. He was laughing hysterically in the front seat and saying things like, “How YOU doing?” under his breath.

14 thoughts on “A Love Affair: Size 3T

  1. He's supposed to be napping right now, and guess what he just yelled? “HEY MOM! You know the girl with the yellow dress?”
    and I said, “Yeah. What about her?”

    “Um. NEver MIND! Hee Hee”

    I'm going to take a nap. This is stressing me out.


  2. Um…so she was in Boston's class at the 9am. I go there and they were playing “walk-tag” and it was cute. So, I guess this could be the first rift that comes between Boston & Quinten. A girl. Man, I thought it would be a few more years before that happened. LOL. Although, it sounds like Q was more attached than Boston was so I guess he gets the girl this time!


  3. my four-year-old kissed a girl; my five-year-old has been claimed as a “boyfriend”. other than that, it's life as usual. i just can't wait until this starts messing with their sleep!! πŸ˜›


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