Enjoying the Sinus Inflamed Moments Of March

I went to bed at six p.m. last night.

I think I’m getting a lot more pregnant-er. I am always ready to nap. I am deeply in love with my pillow.

I have started kicking toys instead of picking them up. I like to pretend that anything below my waist doesn’t exist. It makes for creative housekeeping.

The almond blossoms are blooming and opening, and the sinuses in my head have responded with explosions and bursts of pressure. I guess beautiful things can be painful…or maybe painful things can be beautiful? Everyone is sick at my house…again. At least the bees are happy this month.
And the ducks.
I was making breakfast and noticed a herd of ducks in the pool. Perhaps it was a flock of ducks, but they were acting herdish. The boys were ecstatic. My headache disappeared, ducks at play are remarkably soothing. I can hear them quacking right now…the ducks AND the boys.
It’s been a weird few days of barely functioning, bad news, bumpy bellyness. There are ducks though, and honey toast, and surprise sushi deliveries from friends. I’ve been carrying this quote in my pocket and reminding myself of it during those moments…you know the ones.
[In] the whole of world history there is always only one really significant hour-the present… – Dietrich Bonhoeffer
So, let’s all raise a sippy cup to this moment, this hour, this episode of Blue’s Clues, this laundry load, this glorious spring day.
p.s. I would like to add that I am now on Twitter. Like, a bird. A bird who wont stop talking. Click on the button on the right if you want to hear me tweet. It’s really a beautiful sound…like a canary…or a large parrot.

19 thoughts on “Enjoying the Sinus Inflamed Moments Of March

  1. I can see at least eighteen inches of snow remaining on the ground as I look out my window past the lovely picture of blooming almond blossoms on my computer screen. I think my head may explode. Raising a virtual sippy cup in your direction, nonetheless.


  2. Pretending that nothing below your belly exists? Kicking toys? Love it. Oh the tweets. I tweeted. It's all too much for me brain. The tweets, the FB, the blog…gack. I couldn't keep up.

    I'd love to have some sinus inflamation if it meant my crab apples were in bloom. California indeed.


  3. No spring here yet…cold and rain. Nothing below the waist…sounds kinda like menopause!! haha
    Tweets, I have no idea how that works, but I never shut up so I'd be hooked. God save the world from that!


  4. Are you sure you don't tweet like a duck? It would add such symmetry. Or are you being really sneaky and making us think of symmetry by purposefully not writing it?


  5. I love everything about this post. Except perhaps the exploding sinuses. And the laundry.

    But what a beautiful way to greet the day.

    Cheers to you. With or without a sippy cup…


  6. Always you make me laugh. My back hurts…I may try your form of housekeeping.

    Love that Bon. quote (can't spell his name — too lazy to scroll up). My son is sitting next to me and just asked, “Why does it say love that Bon.? Does that mean for bonsai?”


  7. We've all been sick here too… I hope you're back to normal asap.

    Kicking toys counts as cleaning — pregnant or not. (although never down the stairs!)


  8. Cheers!

    Also, you have a herd of ducks? I'm beyond jealous!! Love all the quacking!

    And I also pretend things below my waist don't exist. Hubs is not thrilled with this… Hee!!


  9. I don't have sippy cups anymore (more's the pity) but I'll raise my mug of tea with you, to the moments of glory in the midst of the messiness of life.


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