When Life Is Unpredictable, Messy and Reptilian

I fought for it this weekend. Oh. did. I. fight.

I want to be grateful. I want to be a person who sucks the marrow out of every minute of life.
But sometimes, life hands you a giant reptile.
And one day, you wake up and find yourself petting a Billy Goat.
Or you fall down the stairs by the sea lion exhibit, and you’re standing there with a scraped chin and a scraped forehead, and you have to decide whether you’ll cry all day or pull yourself together to focus on the pretty flowers.
There’s always flowers, and they seem to bloom no matter the tears, reptiles, or goats you face. They’re optimists.
And it’s all about perspective.
Of course, I’ll always contend that ice cream helps.
Counting gifts while facing lizards:
Spring and pig shaped watering cans. A match made in Heaven?
A couch buried in laundry: my cup overfloweth.
Little boys who wear capes.
Baby brothers who do everything that big brothers do. I need two of everything or the earth will shift on it’s axis a little bit. Global warming will ensue.
Chocolate cake from a friend
Q on his bicycle. With his spiderman helmet. And his intense hunched-over racing posture.
Purple toenails
Flip flops
Ducks in the pool, the source of six a.m. dreams about pepper grinders. What? They sound the same when you’re sleeping!
Sheldon + the zoo = an excited 2 year old who will not stop running around and saying, “An-min-als!”
323-333 of my gratitude list, because even lizards are gifts

19 thoughts on “When Life Is Unpredictable, Messy and Reptilian

  1. Oh, and I answered your commment again. But I'm going to sleep now. But you should leave me another comment 'cuz it's earlier where you live 🙂


  2. Gosh. I miss so much when I try to be responsible and go to bed early!

    I covet your watering cans. And your flip-flopping wearing. Which is sort of like joining you in thanks, but not nearly as nice.

    Loving you, nonetheless.


  3. I know what you mean — or I knew what you mean?!? about having to have two of everything or else. With a boy and a girl I did not envision having to have two Buzz Lightyears and two Strawberry Shortcake ragdolls, but I did…

    Perspective and ice cream. Hear hear!


  4. Your blog is beautiful. Just love it.

    The first time I came here, you had me with T.S.Eliot (my cat's name when I was in college).

    Now you're sucking the marrow out of life?

    (or at least trying to…)


  5. oh i'm wearing my flip flops, too! and i'm lovin' all that orangeyness!!!!
    and yeah, me and my gaggle of boys are kinda ensuring global warming as well!!!!


  6. ok, so i flinched when i first saw the title in my Reader, because there was that one time when i scrolled down on this here blog and came face to face with a SNAKE.

    not that i haven't forgiven you for that … but still.

    and i'll join the chorus and sing jealous jealous jealous … we're still in furry hood jackets around here.


  7. A couch buried in laundry! Somehow, that just seemed to go with your account of the day with the reptile, the goat, the stairs and the ice cream!!!! I smiled and sighed at the same time. I know what you mean about fighting to do this — to find the good and grateful in each moment when it seems just the opposite. But the listing has helped me. So has being here this morning! It's so early on this Sunday Morning, but already I've been blessed! Thank you!


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