The Recipe for A Perfect Afternoon

You’ll need a snapdragon. One that has lots of snaps, and each snap must have a BIG BIG appetite for fish (the biggest snap is always the hungriest).

Then? Spend your day sitting on the bridge, fishing with sticks and poke-y balls from the Liquid Amber. Catch an old shoe, and an old sock, and finally a BIG BIG BIG fish for your biggest snap.
A squirrel will run by, and you’ll lose your fishing pole in the creek in all the excitement.
You might have a cold.
You might fall into the creek several times.
Your mother might be incapable of taking pictures that focus on you and she may have fifteen photographs that focus on a derelict stick that is poking up between the rocks, but all in all?
It’s a perfect day.
You’ll need a snapdragon.

16 thoughts on “The Recipe for A Perfect Afternoon

  1. i love the “give a mouse” feel of this!!!! and your boys are precious (i wonder how young/old your youngest is? he seems to be my avery's size but then again, avery is wearing larger clothes than his size!!!)


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