Bare Branches

I reach to the sky, and I am gnarled, sharp, and desperate.
I reach and pray and wait. There’s only silence, quiet like a winter afternoon when the sun is blindingly eye level and the shadows are long and tortured.
The light is there, but I still feel cold.
So I get mad.
I throw my mustard seed out the window and search for other things.
I am starting to think the silence and the quiet is the answer. The stillness is my mustard seed; my chance to practice faith and trust.
So I practice being still. I wait. I know.
And it’s enough for me, in the waiting, to know. One day my gnarled branches will have leaves and produce. It just…might not be today.
Today is for the knowing. Today is for the being still.

For Lent, I’m giving up impatience. I want to be content to wait, bare branches exposed.

16 thoughts on “Bare Branches

  1. I do lent every 30 days. Last month it was staying away from gossip and being more positive, this month it is giving up sugar. I should have given up impatience that's a hard one to do in the winter months. Goodluck.


  2. “It just might not be today” is a hard place for me after a very, very long winter. (we're talking mini ice age) Impatience is an amazing thing to give up for Lent.


  3. “The stillness is my mustard seed” yes! thanks for the reminder. I often make things harder than they should be. “In the quiet I will still my soul. Like a child at rest on his mother's knee. I will still my soul within me.” Ps.131


  4. don't you think this is one of those brave things you instantly regret? spiritually speaking, of course! lol
    but really, the waiting is so hard and i always reference it, but the cs lewis quote about us being tied to time b/cs we're actually timeless beings caught up in timed bodies… it's the tension and the struggle here on earth since all things point towards are eternality. ahhh….
    so to give up impatience is rather brave of you after all! 🙂


  5. i am such a new christian that i don't even know what this giving up stuff for lent means. i must google. this post didn't make me snort (i just wrote that on the newest one). hope you find your patience soon 🙂


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