Snapshots Of My Week

You know those people who have beautiful spring photos of their children, sitting in trees, surrounded by blossoms, looking angelic, wearing white shirts?
I am not one of those people. I have tried. I have run into a few obstacles that have prevented any flowery, angelic, awe inspiring photos. Let me tell you my problems.
1) I never plan ahead, and I’m pretty sure a bright orange shirt is not the best choice for a photo shoot among pink blossoms.
2) My kids are 3 and 1 1/2.
3) Quinten has a “Cheese” face. It is more of a grimace. Can you see it? Or are my blurry pink blossoms getting in the way?

Anyway, I was looking through my photos from this week and that one above of Q made me snort. Wouldn’t it be a great Hallmark card? I just need to think of a suitable caption….

Of course, it doesn’t help my artistic process to have a Klingon permanently attached to my legs. Get it? As in “Cling-On” but um…Trekkie-ish? Am I the only one? I loved Star Trek.
And since I’m on the subject of confessing my deep, dark, geeky loves…I also love toddlers with guns. Fake guns. Suitably attired in a diaper. Because the only way to hunt is in your diaper.
And as I creak into the third trimester, I think it’s nice that I can still look down and see my little boy’s angry eyes. Soon I will look down and only see belly…which might be a blessing in disguise…
because sometimes my kid looks like this, and it’s somewhat troubling.
But, then I remember that the only real-ish issue right now is Sheldon’s sinus infection and maybe the fact that I can’t take good pictures, and I reach for the Graham crackers and congratulate the day for being full of pink blossoms and dirty, (usually) happy children.

26 thoughts on “Snapshots Of My Week

  1. Oh you are so funny, I do enjoy reading about your day, remember I'm not laughing at you, but with you. My son (16yrs old) says this too me all the time. Love the view from your belly too.


  2. oh my gosh, you are too funny! that little guy face!! what a cutie patootie. i hope you are feeling well. and i love your week in photos! 🙂


  3. There is so much to love about this post. But I think my favorite detail is the orange-tipped gun wielded by the Diapered Bandit.

    I tried for about two weeks to keep toy guns out of my house. Instead, my son gently removed the heads from his sister's Barbies, pointed their headless, naked bodies at the nearest tree and said, “Bang. Bang.”

    Boys? Will be boys. At least mine will. And my sister's. Sent this to her already.

    She will love it as much as I do.

    (honorable mention goes to the belly shot. awesomeness.)


  4. I actually think the blossom picture is adorable – orange shirt and cheesy smile and all! And I'm thrilled to see the diapered toddler with a play gun, because it means we weren't the only ones… 😉


  5. I love the tree picture — grimace included. At least your kids make eye contact with the camera. Elijah often grimaces and looks away at the same time! Ah well…

    Poor Sheldon with his sinus infection… I hope he's better soon!


  6. i love the angry eyes belly picture… your blog always makes me snort. even when you are talking about seriousness. i mean that in a complimentary way ! you always throw a funny in for us.


  7. LOL!
    Well, memories are what photos are for and too often the “forced” and “dressed-up” ones don't elicit many good memories! If I do a photo shoot like this, I love to include the outtakes because those are the REAL kids in the pics!

    Just your kids having fun and exploring life are what you'll love looking at in the future. Anything else isn't them 🙂


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