Bending Time: Daylight Savings

We have hung the cuckoo clock and it feels like home now.

The tinny chirp of the white bird chimes the hour, but when the government decides what time it really is, there’s no need to heed the man made song. So, we stay up and it’s later than we think.

I eat a brownie and it’s dark outside, and we have no curtains in the room. The real night mingles with the false bird and the deceptive clocks. The tension between man made and God made blends with the banjo picking music I listen to in the background, and I daydream in the night time.
I’m doing nothing really, sitting in my uncomfortable wicker chair. I bask and let my batteries recharge. It’s a night where an hour is lost, so I may as well enjoy my minute while baby faced boys sleep and brownies abound.
There is a certain freedom in recognizing that the clock is wrong, that time is more flexible than one might suppose.

9 thoughts on “Bending Time: Daylight Savings

  1. You make me appreciate daylight savings, which I am hating today with crabby, overtired kids, and crabby overtired mommy. How can one hour make such a big impact? I may need to eat more brownies. Yes that's it for sure.


  2. I wish brownies would cure everything, I'm tired for sure, and crabby as well, and since I gave up sugar for the month of March it's even worse, I think I shall move to Saskatchewan where they don't move the clocks. But thanks anyway for reminding me I am not bound by time.


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