Guest Post at Jdaniel4’s Mom

Today I have the honor of being over at JDaniel4’s Mom blog. I am writing about how to “pause time” which I actually wish I could do for reals this morning, as Shel has dumped a breakfast burrito onto the carpet while I am trying to write this. And? The dog is now eating it.

JDaniel4’s Mom is a parent and a former teacher, and her blog is about so many things: parenting, reviews, giveaways and muffin tin lunches! Please stop by and meet her, you’ll be glad that you did.
click here to read it.

8 thoughts on “Guest Post at Jdaniel4’s Mom

  1. “Following Jesus is about freedom, even freedom from housework. As crazy as it makes me, I give my half washed dishes to God and ask him to sort out my time for me.”
    I definitely needed to read this today. I have a closet to organize and bathrooms to scrub,and I find myself cranky that it is a mess around here. But someone once told me, “You didn't become a SAHM to have a clean house, you became one to take care of your kids.”


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