Sharks and John Steinbeck

Sometimes, I get a bee in my bonnet and it stings me on the brain. Suddenly, I cannot continue with my routine, my laundry, my regular comings and goings. I decide that life must have…an ADVENTURE!

The Adventure Bee stung me on a rainy Wednesday and by a rainy Friday I needed a cure. The swelling had turned into a beautiful idea to take all the kids to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to see REAL sharks.
Derrick had taken the day off and I had a large supply of granola bars. We were set!
The drive was not fun, but we weren’t expecting it to be fun. By the fourth gas station, I did decide that next time we take a trip, no one gets anything to drink. Ever. Let’s just say that people had to go to the can a lot.

Get it? Can? Cans? Cannery Row?
Just call me John Steinbeck.
Anyway, after the jelly fish, smaller legs decided that a stroller was no place to be when surrounded by such wonders.
Sheldon hoofed it for the rest of the day, leaving me to push around a stroller, three coats, and an overloaded diaper bag. I didn’t mind…too much. His little legs are so cute when he’s trying to escape to the shark exhibit.
Imagine seeing sea creatures for the first time. You probably had big eyes too!
We saw lots of sharks. Quinten was in charge of taking pictures of them, and he took his job very seriously. Photo credit: Quinten-the-three-year-old-who-would-not-let-go-of-the-camera.

Quinten also really enjoyed shooting water at fake fish and boats in a tidal wave exhibit.
I was not with him as Sheldon was more interested in splashing in the kiddie fish pool and drenching himself…so I asked Derrick, “Hey, did you talk about tides and stuff?”…because I am SO into Preschool Education. Did I mention that this month we are supposed to be focusing on Birds?
Yes. But instead we are at a fish place. My curriculum planning ROCKS!
Anyway, Derrick did NOT talk to him about tides or waves or anything like that. Instead he said he was teaching him Physics.
I say it’s better him than me. I do not know anything about Physics really…except now I know that Physics involves an understanding that squirting water at a gate will shut the gate.
Speaking of squirting water, it rained A LOT when we were there.
And, I did not pack umbrellas. C’est la vie.
We still had a great time. There’s something about experiencing things with children that make you see the magic and the wonderful in stuff that was previously taken for granted.
Which reminds me, tonight we are taking the boys to a wedding and I cannot WAIT to hear what Q thinks of it all. You all know his affinity for puffy, fancy, dresses…

16 thoughts on “Sharks and John Steinbeck

  1. awesome!!! last time we were there my kids drenched themselves in the tide pool maker thing. and then cried because it was so cold out. have to remember next time… bring a change of clothes.


  2. Sounds like a fun day! Yes, leave it to dad to teach him physics. You know, I homeschooled my middle son through 11th grade. He asked us if he could go to public school for his senior year to take Honors Physics (To play soccer and run cross country were the other reasons). Why certainly!!!! I know my limits. He made A's, by the way. Waiting to hear about the wedding.


  3. Curriculum schmuriculum I say. Incidental learning is the best!

    I remember pushing empty strollers — it's a handy place to put those jackets and/or umbrellas!

    Love the pic of the boys looking at the sea creatures!!!


  4. PS: That was a joke at your expense — the part about umbrellas. I'm not sure if my tone of voice came through in print. You get what I'm saying though, right?


  5. “There's something about experiencing things with children that make you see the magic and the wonderful in stuff that was previously taken for granted.”

    So very true… and those jellyfish are otherworldly. Sharks? As long as they're in the aquarium and not in the gulf when I'm swimming!


  6. I like adventures. This sounds like a fun adventure. Our big adventure of the last week was driving all the way out to my parents house when it was supposed to be bedtime just to get a good view of the moon rising. It was really cool. Not as cool as sharks though.

    That picture of them looking up with wide eyes is so great!


  7. sounds like a fun day! I've been to that very aquarium and the John Steinbeck museum. Thanks for the memories! 🙂

    I end up with Andrew on my shoulders a lot. A compromise between not pushing a stroller and Andrew not wanting to walk.


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