Going the Way of the Butter: Attitude Extinction


“Joy is the serious business of Heaven”- C.S. Lewis
I’ll confess; Tuesdays are hard. They’re the Almost-Middle, the Busy-bee and Laundry Pile Day of the week. Half of the week is over, and half of the clothes have been worn, and half of the milk is gone and perhaps, you have been caught unawares by the lack of butter.
I don’t keep tabs on my butter, and it often disappears without leaving a note.
I haven’t paid attention to today, honestly.
I barely noticed the green unibrow my youngest son sprouted. I hardly tasted my surprise sushi lunch with my husband. Poetry hour at bed time? I don’t have anything tasty stuck in my brain like I usually do.
The day was rich, my friends, RICH.
Sadly, I sort of floated through, reaching arms out for Friday, for Peace and Quiet Day, for Everyone On Good Behavior Day. For any day, really, that could sparkle with false hopes of perfectionism.
It’s dark now and the lights along the wooden path outside are spraying the wild strawberry plants with magic light. I am taking inventory and my storehouses are overflowing. I am full.
I am full.
Full of food, and bananas (I have about twelve in my kitchen)
Full of water and mismatched socks
Full of baby, and children who don’t approve of the fort I made in the living room
Full of dishes, and husbands who leave every SINGLE coffee cup you own in the car
I’m a tad cranky, it’s time to empty some attitude.
I wish to embrace the good things.
“Magnify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together.” Psalm 34:3

13 thoughts on “Going the Way of the Butter: Attitude Extinction

  1. Child disapproved forts, sigh…I've been known to make those. A couple of the munchkins I babysit do not like my forts. Their dog however thinks I've made a special place for us, a place where she can lick my ear. Not quite what I was going for.


  2. That is one handsome boy you've got there! And my house–breakfast cereal. It's always running off, leaving my cupboard bare. Embracing the good things with you today.


  3. Oh, you are so right.

    I am always looking ahead toward the promise of “perfect” ignoring the beauty of the imperfection around me.

    One of my favorite poems to teach my high school students (also in awe of perfection) was Gerard Manly Hopkins' “Pied Beauty” – but I myself often forget to embrace the dappled things of my day.

    Or the green unibrows.

    Cheers to you for the reminder…(and a butter fairy, too.)


  4. ha, i think our husbands are twins!

    seriously, though, i read this and wonder how frequently i do the same thing…miss out on a treasure of a day because my lens is cloudy.

    here's hoping today is better. 🙂


  5. Oh – how many times do I reach out for Friday instead of letting go of my crankiness and embracing the joy of the moment? I think wishing to embrace the good things is at least something!
    Your writing is such a blessing because you keep things real – good, bad, and everything in between. Praying the rest of your week is on the good side of the scale.


  6. I am here from Julie's blog because your blog title had me giggling. Now I'm here and flat out laughing! I think I just read 5 straight posts of yours and everyone had me rolling!! Thanks for making my day and for that yummy picture of sushi, mmm I love that stuff so much, too.


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