Running With Molars And Mexican Food

Guess who is teething? Getting his back molars in?

Yeah. And let me tell you it’s not all rainbows and Disneyland rides. There’s been some Stormy Weather, and not in a cool jazz sort of way.

It’s been a ‘stomp through a mud puddle’ kind of week…and I don’t own any rain boots.
I sat in the car, reflecting on life while Mr. Toothy snoozed and snored in his car seat. Why do new teeth produce extra snot? Why does snot make you snore?
These questions led to more questions.
Why is my life so…messy?
Today I went to lunch with my Momma, and being a generous Grandma, she shared her beef taquito with Shel. He gagged and promptly threw up all over the floor, all over himself, and all over his high chair.
Suddenly, my bean burrito didn’t look very appetizing.
Looking for sympathy, I wrote about it on Facebook:

Ever go out to lunch, have your 23 month old choke on some Mexican and throw up all over the restaurant floor?

I forgot to add the “food” part after the Mexican part. Sigh.
Sounding like a cannibal has been the least of my worries. The two year old with the tooth issues and nighttime cough issues has been my main worry, the cereal dumped all over the floor as I rush out the door has been a secondary worry, and OH YEAH! my library books were due today and I did NOT return them. I guess they are my third worry. I’m not going to count anymore, you get the idea.
I know that everyone has frazzled times, and that many people have messy cars with remnants of snacks and Sunday School papers strewn all over the floor. I understand that a barf incident at a restaurant is not that big of a deal.
But, at some point you want to feel sane. I want to feel like I have it together. I want to floss more. I want to never run out of diapers…I at least want a break from body fluids and temper tantrums.
I want peace.
I am realizing that finding peace requires something.
It requires eyes on Jesus, but not in the passive, campfire song, cuddly teddy bear sort of way (if someone were to dare sing Kumbaya to me right now, I may have to smack them.)
Peace requires eyes on Jesus in a desperate, going to be bitten by a poisonous snake if I don’t lock eyes, sort of way.
Life is full of vomit and sadness.
I listen to Shel cry and fuss and I see his nose run, and he says “NO!” to everything. Is there a cure? Is there a cure for disrespectful three year olds and temperamental two year olds? What happens when you run out of Tylenol? What happens when you run out of patience? What happens when you run out of…ability?
I’m standing in a mud puddle, but I raise my fist to the sky and recite what I know to be true even when I can’t see past the thunder.
I am a mess, I smell like barf. My children are crying a LOT. Recently my friend said that when she reads my blog, she gets the feeling that I’m about to lose it.
I am always about to lose it. I am not able to keep my patience in the face of great cereal tragedies, or hitting competitions.
I’m ready to forget about me. The snakes are biting and I need to fix my eyes on Jesus, the Son of Man lifted up. Good has won, and isn’t that something to focus on?
“And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” – Hebrews 12:2-3 (colorful emphasis mine)
I was going to quote some lyrics from a song I listen to when I need a battle hymn, but I just found out you can download it for free to itunes until April 1. It’s called Manifesto by The City Harmonic. Click here to download it. Listen to it when everything is crazy. Listen to it when you’re in the mud puddle.

27 thoughts on “Running With Molars And Mexican Food

  1. You and Susan wrote vomit. I wrote poop. What a day.

    I really love this post. I know just how you feel. How do people breathe…survive…PARENT without Jesus?

    You're doing a GREAT job.


  2. library books due tomorrow… thanks for the reminder 🙂

    so, i am always about to lose it too. about is the key word there mama. so there it is.


  3. i hate how you can never edit facebook statuses once they are posted and commented on!! i always find spelling and grammar errors and feel like a dork. but your mistake was at least funny!! 🙂 I hope your days get calmer and less fluid-filled!


  4. I'm really glad he didn't choke on a Mexican.
    Thanks for making me laugh this morning. And then making me think. And now I'm going to go pray.
    Yes, I am a mess, too, and I need Him every hour. Or more.
    Here's to less snot and a lot more Jesus.


  5. There are so many days like this lately. JDaniel's allergies and attitude are both going full force.

    I need to start each day putting on the full armor of God. Our pastor preached on this topic just this week. Every time he mentioned the dents in the shield of faith I thought about how toddler moments are like battle dents.


  6. Oh, poor you! I hate days like that…and we all have them. The good news is that your three year old WILL turn into a fabulous four year old. Life goes on. It seems as if there is always something – I'm now dealing with a frustrating 16 year old!

    You have such a wonderful attitude. I can remember mumbling to myself, over and over again when I was wiping poopy bottoms or cleaning up vomit and stepping on Legos, “Children are a gift from God…Children are a gift from God….”

    Good luck!


  7. Oh girlfriend, I like this on so many levels–especially the part about wanting to smack anyone who starts singing Kumbaya. Before I had kids, a woman from my church tipped me off that parenting involved a whole lot of bodily fluids. Someone can tell you that, but you don't really get it until you're covered in them. Fixing your eyes in a snakes are biting kind of way–now there's a thought I can hold onto. And, don't worry about the library books–I figure the library can always use the extra money. Hugs.


  8. I'm just so glad it's not you that's vomiting.

    Tell your son to chew more carefully when he eats Mexicans- the old ones are really tough.

    Being about to lose it- is not quite having lost it:)


  9. Your FB status made me LOL for real. and I never say LOL. I love you and your life. It takes me back to the days I lived it. Now I can laugh at them. I remember them being so hard at times. You are so right about giving it up to Jesus. Life with Jesus isn't a life without difficulties but at least we face the troubles with him. The alternative is unimaginable to me. Imagine me as a spider singer… Chin up Chin up Everybody loves a happy face… ( Charlotte,s Web reference) haha xoxo


  10. I live in the mud puddle. And you? Are beautiful.

    I greatly appreciate your talent for stepping back, seeing the bigger analogy, and making me think.

    This is far more important than being uncluttered and snot free.


    And the “choke on some Mexican” part? THAT was just icing on the cake.

    Or flan, as it were.


  11. Is it wrong that I'm thankful that I'm not the only one embarrassed by barfing kids at restaurants? Both of mine have done it.. multiple times.

    Sadly, some day we will be sane again and feeling as though we have it together.. and then we will miss the chaos. Or so I'm told. 😉


  12. Can I just tell you how refreshing it is that you write about this kind of stuff? Everybody's life is like this sometimes-frazzled, overwhelmed, and messy-and it's kind of sickening to always read about people with perfect families, well-planned family fun field trips that go off without a hitch, and other such unrealistic items of daily life. We know you're real. That you write about all this, and give your readers some chuckles in the process, clearly indicates to me that you are not at all about to lose it! 🙂


  13. ooh i missed that status. but i'm pretty sure i wouldn't have “caught it” or laughed b/cs i'd have just read what i assumed you meant–i'm a gracious editor like that. (ok not really but i do tend to self-edit as i read!)
    and from mama who's Actually Lost it…. amy's right, the “about” is pretty crucial. but more than that, the eyes locked on him, and defiant hand-raised while standing in mud. avery is almost 2 and he is a hot mess right now, much more defiant than any of the others and it wears me out daily, minutely if i'm really honest. and we've been cooped up inside b/cs of rain and we're all climbing walls and spilling cereal and even the damn dogs aren't cleaning up like they're supposed to…
    so … hugs from a mama in the trenches and so happy to know that you know that you know that grace is alive and kicking


  14. ack, any well deserving mother is “about to lose it”, at least you are about to express it in a well worded humorous way unlike the rest of us.

    And let me tell you- that quote? It was the Bible quote I'd repeat to myself before every single X-Country and Track meet in high school and college. At the end of each and every of those races I was sweaty, said no to everything, had snot pouring out of my nose and probably even had an occasional toothache or two. So you know, if he decides to become a runner then this teething time has just been training for you 😉


  15. I listened to the song. Very uplifting. I never think of you as losing it, although I'm sure you do feel that way sometimes. You're a warrior. 🙂 I was thinking when I read this, I hope your putting your stuff on disks or printing them out so your children will be able to read these musings when they're grown. I bet they'll love and treasure it.


  16. oh boy you have been stealing my thoughts again! that was so funny (sorry if it wasnt meant to be but you have to laugh otherwise we would cry all the time!) sanity and peace…big asks in motherhood! tilly once pulled her pants down and pooped all over the floor infront of my family i had just served chilli to!(pooped seems too nice a word for the reality!) it was hysterically funny (later!) when i remembered the freeze frame picture of all my family with frozen first forkfulls of chilli, all with the same look of 'oh boy dont want to eat this now!' i screamed and grabbed her to get her to the loo and she freaked, dropped her dinner and fell into it! your post brought back that memory…i am frequently a public caberet for the entertainment of others as mummy! does that make you feel any better? teeth, boo hiss! snot and teeth…have no answers? snoring again boo hiss. big hugs jane xxx


  17. Just found your blog. Bless your heart. I am a member of the MOB too (Mother Of Boys). Mine are 16 and 18 years old now, but I remember “those days”. Once, my youngest sampled a lemon (from my tea) at Pizza Hut. He gagged and threw up in my hand. My friend and I kept eating anyway! We laugh about it now. Ahhhh…those were “the good ol' days”!!
    Bonnie Jo


  18. Back molars hurt, I remember that from High School. As for the rest, hang on, death grip hang on to Him. I want to tell you it gets better but I have no children and no one has barfed on me in a really long time (although a doggy house guest did puke on my bed a few months ago) so really I have no experience to rely on. But life isn't always mud puddles so it must get better. And the FB post, kind of made me laugh a lot…I'm probably not a very good friend.


  19. mud puddles are not easy places, especially sans galoshes. i'm sorry.

    but on the upside, it's consoling to know my kids aren't the only ones who choke on mexicans. 😀

    ps thank you especially for this:
    I'm ready to forget about me. The snakes are biting and I need to fix my eyes on Jesus, the Son of Man lifted up. Good has won, and isn't that something to focus on?
    amen. praying that today is full of Him.


  20. Hang in there. Life gets better. My boys at 2 and 4 made me alternatively want to run away and hide under the covers. At times I found myself fantasizing about both options seriously. They are now 12 and 10, and along with there 3 yo and 3month are (mostly) a delight. The whining stops, all the consistent training pays off, they become interesting people in their own right, and they help with younger kids and around the house. That said, sounds like you need an evening out really soon! Eyes on Jesus and worship music always helps of course. Praying tomorrow is better than today.


  21. “Peace requires eyes on Jesus in a desperate, going to be bitten by a poisonous snake if I don't lock eyes, sort of way.

    Life is full of vomit and sadness.”

    Sadly, I think we are most sane when we are this close to “losing it.” I hate that is takes a real mess to bring me to my knees, but so often it does. My life has been messy and full of pain this week, in a different way, but you wrote truth for me just the same. Thanks.

    And thanks for the unintentional cannibal joke ; )


  22. This is one of the (many) reasons I love your blog, and you. You are wicked, wicked real, and I so appreciate that. Because life IS full of vomit and sadness and it is messy and frankly we are all on the verge of losing it (except maybe your friend?). I love that scene in Parenthood (the movie, not the show) when Steve Martin the Dad character feels like he is on a roller coaster as he watches his toddler destroy the play set. It's so very funny and real and sad all at the same time, and I always end up weeping and laughing my head off simultaneously. Your blog does the same exact thing to me…and I mean that in a good way.

    In other news, the Mexican barfing reminded me of an incident recently when we went to one of those Japanese cook-at-your-table restaurants. The chef flipped shrimp into the air at us, and we caught them in our mouths (weird yes, but fun). My son Rowan is a man of action and always likes to be in on the scene…but he hates shrimp. So he caught on in his mouth, chewed on it for a second, made a horribe retching noise and prompting regurgitated it in my lap. And he is 6, not a toddler. It was both totally gross and humiliating and incredibly funny at the same time. Sort of like life.

    Love you!


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