When Dust Bunnies Attack And Other Events

In case you all were worried (and no one seems to be), I am battling a horrible Spring cold. Ahh-choo.Anyway, I have a few things to tell you before I go blow my nose for the 11 thousandth time.1. Shel has started swimming lessons and he loves it. LOVES it. 2. Easter was fun ...so … Continue reading When Dust Bunnies Attack And Other Events

Why Christians Should Know How to Party

I'll be honest, I think the Easter Bunny is ridiculous. Aside from the fact that I have been unable to find any connection to a giant egg laying bunny and the real occurrences of the Easter/Passover season, what is with a Bunny LAYING EGGS that are candy filled OR hard boiled?Bunnies are mammals.Despite these affronts … Continue reading Why Christians Should Know How to Party

Brain Barf: Random Thoughts

Sometimes I just feel like talking, and guess what? I have a blog! So I can talk with my fingers! You can read my thoughts! Lucky YOU!Tonight I'm taking an inventory of my life:I have a lot of mismatched socks, and A LOT of yard work, and there's never enough coffee but I also have … Continue reading Brain Barf: Random Thoughts

Things That Make Life Sweet and Tasty

Every spare piece of paper has been marked in this house, covered with squiggles and circles and polka dot creations that represent Humpback Whales and rainbows. Running out of blank paper is the first thing I'm grateful for today; it's disappearance is a sign of creative little hands. While we're on the subject, I'm also … Continue reading Things That Make Life Sweet and Tasty

Zombies In My Living Room? I Am Unfazed.

Derrick has traipsed off to get man supplies for a Zombie Killing Video Game Extravaganza. By which I mean he is at the grocery store buying snacks.Our roof is almost completed. The bang BANG BANG of the hammer lulls my children to sleep each afternoon at nap time. It should be done tomorrow.Right now everything … Continue reading Zombies In My Living Room? I Am Unfazed.

Shingles and Spiders

First of all, what's for dinner? Because I have no idea. I should probably go defrost something right now. I woke up this morning to the DOORBELL, which is disconcerting when you have morning hair. Luckily Derrick was there to shove out of bed, he doesn't have to worry about making his hair look presentable.It … Continue reading Shingles and Spiders

The Two Sides of Seaweed

I've always thought of seaweed as ugly sea barf. It lies on the beach, with a swarm of flies around it, smelly and wrinkled.It's brown and slimy, ruining my sandy view of paradise.Or, maybe it's liquid gold, strung on a necklace by invisible fingers who pay attention to details while decorating the ocean.It depends on … Continue reading The Two Sides of Seaweed

Things You Should Know About Me: UBP 2011

Things You Should Know About Me I'm generous with my snapdragons, which is a good thing 'cause I have a three year old who picks them with reckless abandon. Something about the name SNAPDRAGON excites him to no end.I like flowers. A lot. Enough to waddle around the garden with snail bait and a watering … Continue reading Things You Should Know About Me: UBP 2011