Things You Should Know About Me: UBP 2011

Things You Should Know About Me
I’m generous with my snapdragons, which is a good thing ’cause I have a three year old who picks them with reckless abandon. Something about the name SNAPDRAGON excites him to no end.
I like flowers. A lot. Enough to waddle around the garden with snail bait and a watering can shaped like a pig (a gift from my husband). I’m pregnant (due in June) hence the waddle.
My oldest son is three and his passion, besides picking all my snapdragons, is anything Superheroes. He says, “Q to the rescue” and runs down the hall quite regularly.
Then there’s Shel, who is going to be two in a month. He likes to lick water droplets off of his pool float, but really don’t we all?
Lately he’s been talking and getting sinus infections on a regular basis. Fun times. He loves to suck his thumb and his blue bunny, MeMe, is his constant companion.
The blue ball shaped thing is my stomach, AKA Baby Boy Number Three.
There’s one more man in my life. He’s my husband and he plays Dodgeball…competitively.
He loves to eat corned beef and cabbage and I made some for him tonight, but my crock pot was broken. It is now 9 p.m. and I am still cooking corned beef (this time on the stove).
(disclaimer: I can look cuter than this, but really who has the time?)
Ultimate Blog Party 2011

50 thoughts on “Things You Should Know About Me: UBP 2011

  1. Your one snapdragon post is still my all-time favorite of yours, I think. Athough you've written some real, kick-butt “I'm fighting to be happy and lead Bible study and keep my eyes on Jesus” stuff, lately.

    Go you.

    My Clementine's nickname is MeMe. It makes me so happy that there's a blue bunny with that name.


  2. I'm a new follower from UBP11. I just looked at some of your posts and I really enjoy how you write with humor. I guess we have to when we are always dealing with little boys, right. I have two little ones of my own.

    I look forward to reading more with you.

    (and I love snapdragons too!)


  3. Three boys, eh? I'll be nice now and say “CONGRATULATIONS!” because telling you what my house is like right now with 3 boys (ages 6, 2 and 6 months) would just be plain mean. πŸ˜‰

    Ok, ok, it has its fun moments.. but yesterday? Yesterday I had to remove the bathroom door to rescue the toddler and the infant from inside because, once the door had been locked by chubby fingers, he couldn't figure out how to UNlock it.

    And a rambunctious 2 year old in a non-adult-supervised room with the baby spells disaster for the littlest guy. Quite literally.


  4. Holy baloney! You look like Sigorney Weaver! In a good way.
    Congrats on the soon to be hatched mancub. 3 boys makes for much hilarity and, in my case, gray hair.
    Love the snapdragons! Wish I could have some, but the cows would eat them. Thanks for coming by! Following to keep up with extra testosterone. Us boy-moms haveta stick together!


  5. I love snapdragons. One summer there were ton of them on clearance at the store, so we made a big patch of them in our yard. The next three years they came back. The originals had been pink and yellow, the following year, they were mixed with yellow and pink shades blended.

    Love your blog header!

    Thank you for stopping by our blog and entering the giveaway.


  6. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog – and then tweeted me when my blog got an attitude and wouldn't take your comment. You're a riot! I love your writing style, pure life mixed in with humor, wit, and a touch of sarcasm. I truly believe God has a great sense of humor and it sounds like you appreciate that as well.

    I'm looking forward to following your adventure. πŸ™‚


  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! Congrats on boy #3 – we're expecting this summer, which will make it 2 boys and 2 girls in the house. My son is excited that he'll have a cohort, even if there is an 11 year difference! Your flowers are beautiful. I have flowers, but only because the previous owners planted some perennials before they left. Looking forward to reading more!


  8. Yes, we all love licking water droplets off our pool floats.

    (That was a serious question, right?)

    All four (plus one blue ball shaped thing) of you are adorable.


  9. Hi, there!
    Popping in from the UBP – it’s my first time joining and I’m excited about getting to know other Christian mommies in the blogging world! Congrats on expecting little man #3! We have 4 kiddos – two girls and two boys – life is such an adventure! I am looking forward to reading more of your blog and I’d love to have you come visit me, too, at

    Many blessings,


  10. i'm pretty sure i need to come hang out with shel. i have a thing for pools and licking water droplets.

    ps you are pretty dang cute already, my girl!


  11. I remember how we met during UBP 2010! Hard to believe a whole year has past… I haven't changed a bit, but I must say you're looking a little thicker around the middle…


  12. I life full of men. I grew up with 4 brothers and no sisters and then married and had one son. It is a good life. I stopped by from the UBP. Great blog!! Nice fish. πŸ™‚


  13. OK, you sound awesome. Love your last picture and the “blue ball”. My 4 year old is quite fascinated with anything superheroes, too, except he's more into The Incredible Hulk. Which makes for a lot of roaring in my house, because I guess big green guys like to roar a lot.


  14. thank you.
    I needed a dose of you .

    and I'd have to touch your tummy all in your face like if I met you IRL , you realize that don't you? I'd accept that you might not like that , but I'm older and have a few rubbed belly stories up on you… πŸ™‚


  15. Your too funny! Thank you for stopping by my blog and following. I agree, us girls do have to stay together πŸ™‚
    Ohh, and my littlest boy likes to drink the water from his floaties too!


  16. Clearly, I need to join this blog party. If you haven't figured it out by now, my entire philosophy toward blogging is pretty much, “Watch what JoAnn does and then copy her.” I really could use a superhero in my life to run down the hall to my rescue now and then, as well as someone to lick extraneous water droplets off things. You've got it going on in there in your home, girl. And, mercifully, no small measure of snapdragons to adorn it.


  17. I love seeing your beautiful face!!!

    And that picture of your son licking the water droplets off the pool? Made me laugh out loud.

    BTW, sorry for the tome comment below…apparently I approach your blog as yet another opportunity to blog about myself.


  18. Periwinkle Papillon just pointed me in your direction and I was likeβ€” I know her from the other day! She also told me to link up to UBP which I did. Not sure why I've anointed her my new leader.

    Anyway, competitive dodgeball? Really??? That is fantastic.

    Do me the favor of commenting on my UBP post. Someone has to.


  19. Great sense of humor! You sound like me! πŸ˜‰ I am going to follow your blog πŸ™‚ Stop by mine if you get a chance!


  20. I hopped over here after reading your Pause Life for a Moment at This is my first UBP and I am having a ball and learning a lot too! Stop by “Not Quite Dead Yet” if you have a moment. Thanks!


  21. Thanks for the laughs! Your boys are just a little younger than mine and you you've totally pinned it. I have to come back and read more. And boy, busier soon with another one – you are brave!


  22. Hi.
    Lovely to meet you and your blog through UPB. This is my first year and I am finding many wonderful blogs, like yours.


    Gg – Notes on the Journey # 269

    ps. love your disclaimer.


  23. This is just HILARIOUS! Hahaha! I love your comic wit and how it came out in this entry: Bravo!

    I'm here from the UBP. Your blog's name was just irresistible, I had to click it! I hope you'll follow me, too (I am your newest follower, as of this comment.)

    Visit me here:
    From there, you can connect on my Facebook and twitter, too!


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