The Two Sides of Seaweed

I’ve always thought of seaweed as ugly sea barf. It lies on the beach, with a swarm of flies around it, smelly and wrinkled.
It’s brown and slimy, ruining my sandy view of paradise.
Or, maybe it’s liquid gold, strung on a necklace by invisible fingers who pay attention to details while decorating the ocean.

It depends on how you see things.
It depends on how you think the story ends, because while we breathe we’re all in the middle of the plot.
Some of us are drowning in spilt milk and poopsplosions, but five minutes later we’re getting sticky hugs from brown eyed people who can’t say “banana” properly. Somedays life’s a tragedy, somedays it’s a comedy, but life is always a blessing if you choose to look closely and use a little imagination.
The List
A friend who brings presents to me when it’s their birthday.

Succulents. Aren’t they cool? They’re like friendly cacti; no thorns, but lots of weirdness.
Garden plans. I may have almost wet my pants heaving a giant bag of potting soil into my car, but there was something soul-nourishing about it.
Spring weather that allows for hours upon hours of bike rides in the backyard.
A small son who has started eating TWO turkey sandwiches a day to fuel his bike riding ways.
A surprise coupon for deli turkey (now hopefully I won’t forget it at home)
Little sisters who break into my house while I’m at church.
Donuts at church. Jackpot!
Finding peace in the middle of the night.
8:30 bedtimes x 2 (I am ninety. Or, I am in my third trimester)
Hilarious emails from blog friends first thing in the morning.
Lego creations: a gun (of course) and a coyote call (!) that also magically calls foxes, wolves, and ducks.
#414-426 of my gratitude list and let us all hope I find my camera cord soon so that I might upload some pictures, because otherwise this is all black and white, and life needs some color, or at least a picture of Q in electric blue safety goggles.

23 thoughts on “The Two Sides of Seaweed

  1. i am all about the succulents. and the deli turkey. and YOU.

    your perspective is refreshing this head-achey afternoon. so glad to have you in my life.


  2. here it's, “balana”. oh, and this morning, i woke up to, “i wanna wath my handth.” which meant, of course, poo on his “handth”. thank you for the breath of fresh, seaweedy, succulenty, not-pooey air.


  3. yes!!!! loving that spring weather, loving it. we have been outside constantly.

    oh, and middle of the night? 'bout the only time i can find peace 🙂


  4. What a thoughtful post. I wish I could get my son to eat more than one sandwich, right now I'm lucky to get him to eat a bite. It will make me appreciate those two sandwiches that much more when he does eat them though, right?


  5. love this post!!
    i had a counselor once tell me that all our lives are a great big woven tapestry (ok, so it's a bit of a tired cliche, but here point was a good one: ) and that when you look at certain patches very up close, all you can see is a big spot of ugly browns or a mess of thread that makes no sense, but when stepping back w/ an eternal (aka God) perspective, it makes sense that that shadow or whatnot is there. and i love that image. 🙂
    and the succulents, and the seaweed necklace, and i'm just relating to you on a whole host of levels this morning!! 🙂


  6. Yep! You just changed how I do birthdays from now on. I just love the idea of giving a gift to someone else on MY birthday. Perfect and I thank you for that!

    I'm hear you about those bags of soil. Isn't it funny how all those strong looking guys disappear when you need them to help you load those suckers into your car!!!!! Worst part is getting them OUT of the car when you get home!!!! Seems like no one is there, either!
    Thanks for a great post! I just loved it!


  7. Love this post! And we have a special place in our hearts for succulents at this house — my son Noah collects them. Yes, it's true. He's nine…you'd think he'd collect Pokemon cards or some other inane foolishness, but no, it's succulents. I have succulents coming out of my ears. But it's all good, yes? Just a matter of how you look at it. 😉


  8. I always like being told by my small sidekick that he is going to play the “pee-an-E-O” oh the dialect of wee ones!!

    Hope you find your camera cord soon 😉


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