In Memoriam

My little sister is moving away, to Portland, so I’d like to dedicate this post to her.

About this time last year, the sun was shining and the grass was pushing up new blades of green glory through the brown mud. I would take my boys out to the farm to revel in all that is spring. We ran through the orchards and skipped over mud puddles and I decided, quite suddenly, that I needed a chicken.
So, my mother gave me one of her chicks. Visions of fresh organic eggs danced in my head. I took the ball of fluff home and set “her” up nicely in the backyard. Q named “her” peaky, and all my friends thought I was crazy.
Peaky was a rockstar, with fluffy chicken chaps on “her” feet.
“She” was loved by all, chased without mercy and cuddled within an inch of her chicken life.
I did get rather tired of cleaning chicken poop off the porch…but then one morning, Peaky the chicken started to crow. For like, 20 minutes.
My poop problem was solved. There was no way I was going to clean up after a rooster. Roosters are not welcome by subdivisions, and I liked my neighbors, and I wanted eggs, not bombastic crowing.
He was promptly returned to my mother, out at the farm. He spent his time with his harem, crowing and fluffing his chaps.
He had a nice group of ladies…
But the thing is, coyotes and foxes and such prefer local, organic chicken.
Peaky lost his life, fighting for his chickens. A few of the hens survived, and I like to think they owe it to a valiant rooster who spent half his life as a misunderstood chicken.
Rest in Peace Peaky.
Side note: Q asked me why I was getting all these pictures of Peaky, and I told him that Peaky died. He said, “Oohhh! I miss Peaky. Life is not very long is it?”
And it’s not.
Especially when you’re a rooster.

22 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. Q nailed it on that one.

    And I've never actually seen the Portlandia show. But then again, being from Portland, I think it's hip that I don't watch it. Tell your sister to watch out for hipsters.

    Actually, since Portland is very “homeless friendly”, I think is the term, we've heard people making a game downtown. It's called Homeless or Hipster?


  2. Could there be anything more sad than the untimely death of a fluffy misunderstood rooster? Good to know the local coyotes and foxes are committed to eating local. And organic. Thanks for sharing. Feels like I have closure.


  3. When I am done giggling at the Portlandia clip I will take a moment of silence to honor the valiant, misunderstood Peaky. Like many true heroes, his legacy is only recognized in his passing. He shall forever be remembered as a symbol of poultry gender confusion, the popularization of leg warmers for farmstock and bravely miscalculating the odds when birds face down coyotes. And finally for teaching young children (and bloggers) everywhere, the essential lesson that life is indeed short.

    All kidding aside, I'm sorry for Peaky's loss. Hope Q isn't too sad.


  4. Thanks for the laugh (from the video, not from the death of your beloved rooster).

    “Life is not very long” — so true.

    Sorry your sister is moving… I'm sure she appreciated this post in her honour though…


  5. Loved this. Except for the part where your little sister is moving. And the part where Peaky lost his life. And the part where Life Isn't Very Long.

    But somehow, you still manage to make me smile with the sweetness of it.

    Hugs to you all.


  6. so much to comment on, so little time…

    1. laughed hilariously at the clip

    2. laughed hilariously at peaky's early life; cried buckets at his courageous and untimely death (this last is perhaps a slight exaggeration for dramatic effect.)

    3. your son has the makings of a philosopher…


  7. thanks for the visit via UBP. I'm your newest follower and look forward to stopping back. I don't hear of too many Danae's out there! I bet your sister's really cool! 🙂


  8. Love peaky, he (she?) was quite the looker. Your son is very perceptive — kids are, aren't they? They really cut right to the chase. Love this post. Do I say that every time? I think I do.


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