Zombies In My Living Room? I Am Unfazed.

Derrick has traipsed off to get man supplies for a Zombie Killing Video Game Extravaganza. By which I mean he is at the grocery store buying snacks.

Our roof is almost completed. The bang BANG BANG of the hammer lulls my children to sleep each afternoon at nap time. It should be done tomorrow.
Right now everything is a construction zone. There’s a fine mist of sawdust and Who Knows What all over the place. I have mopped the floor twice this week, and I’m turning into a crazy lady who follows people around with a broom and hisses, “SHOES OFF! SHOES OFF!”
Around four in the afternoon I got a little crazy. I was on the phone with Customer Service but I was being hit repeatedly in the leg with a cardboard sword.
Customer Service always gets me, you know? Plus, that sword really hurt. Plus, the sword wielder wasn’t LISTENING…
So now you’re judging me right? How can these two angels make me a little crazy? They’re 100% kissable adorableness!
It’s true, they are, but I would like to draw your attention to the small gun behind Shel’s back.
So there.
Derrick came home and pried the broom from my fingers, and we all went to the park for a picnic dinner. The spring evening was what I needed, we sat by the creek and the boys threw pebbles into the chocolate brown water, I stared at the signatures carved in the silver eucalyptus and wondered if Julie + Eddie Forever are still together.
The sun was setting when we got home, and Sheldon was up to his ankles in mud from the creek water, but we said yes to bike rides in the driveway and chatted with our neighbors about roofs and ATVs.
The mosquitoes started to swarm and I hustled everyone inside, for baths and clean pajamas.
The sink has dirty dishes in it, and the dishwasher is full, and that makes me feel a little crazy, but I won’t grab my broom and ride off on it just yet, because I still have sunshine coursing through my veins.
I feel refreshed, maybe tomorrow we will decorate eggs. Perhaps I will make a batch of cookies. Perhaps I will throw my broom out the window.
Now is the part where I wrap my thoughts up nicely and tell you that life is full of beauty, if you know where to look and how to see it. I will tell you this while the sound of zombies and gunshots resonate in my living room.
Isn’t that always the case?
Note to self: chose beauty.

15 thoughts on “Zombies In My Living Room? I Am Unfazed.

  1. Such a beautiful post. I love the way you always find the positive in everything you do! You are a ray of sunshine!

    We've just listed our house for sale and my crazy broom wielding moments are coming much too often now as well. I'm driving myself (and everyone else) crazy trying to keep this house clean!


  2. Dang! Now I'm going to be wondering all day about Julie + Eddie Forever. I just hope those kids have been able to find true happiness. Glad the sunshine is still coursing through your veins. Sounds like the loveliest of evenings, zombies and all. Hugs.


  3. Okay – the small gun behind Shel's back is priceless.

    A hug + weaponry = the perfect picture.

    Hang in there through the bang BANG BANG.

    Almost done. Almost done…


  4. you are one admirable mama. (i'm liable to chuck my broom out the window but then scurry out to retrieve it, whispering apologies to its newly-scuffed handle.)

    praying your weekend is flooded with sun.


  5. Last night we had a double date with a couple my husband just met, and the new friend and the guy taking our order started talking about zombies, and when the guy we were with mentioned 28 Days Later, both the server and I said, “Those weren't zombies!” I realized I had to tone that crazy down for meeting new friends.


  6. They do look so sweet and innocent, then you had to ruin it by pointing out the gun! Oh my gosh now I see the glint in his eyes. But really, they are adorable and reno's are never ever finished, you know that right.
    (I'm going on 14 months now)


  7. I love this blog. Real life at it's best. When my littles were really little we picnic'd every day. It does the Mama soul so good to breathe fresh air and be in a different place. YOu gain persepective and the right to NOT do dishes.


  8. I don't think any blogger out there writes better titles than you. Seriously. Yeah, I have struggled with Customer Service myself. I got a chance last week to make my amends to someone as a standin for all of the other customer service reps I have hollered at in frustration. And the gun behind Sheldon's back, killer. Die zombies, die! 🙂


  9. You rock!!


    I'm still surfing blogs from the #UBP11 – Can you believe it? I know!

    I'm hoping to meet some great new blogger buddies and check out some amazing blogs that will motivate and and inspire. I hope you'll swing by my blog too and subscribe if you like what you see/read.

    Ciao for now!


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