Things That Make Life Sweet and Tasty

Every spare piece of paper has been marked in this house, covered with squiggles and circles and polka dot creations that represent Humpback Whales and rainbows.
Running out of blank paper is the first thing I’m grateful for today; it’s disappearance is a sign of creative little hands.
While we’re on the subject, I’m also grateful for Sunday afternoon naps, and pine cone collections in the back of the Big Wheel.

My house has a new roof, and it’s very, very quiet, the sound of hammers has ceased!
Q had a doctor appointment this morning, but I rewarded myself for good behavior by going out and buying too many flowers and two cherry tomato plants.
Some People were not as excited as I was to be in the nursery, and chose an inconvenient time to desperately need to go to the bathroom. There were also many requests to “see” the fountain displays, which meant, “throw pieces of bark into the fountain and almost fall in”.
Nonetheless, all our woes were solved with a few six packs of annuals (for me) and sandwiches with goldfish crackers (for other people).
The boys played outside while I dug holes in the dirt, and they were quiet, happy, and did I mention quiet and happy?
Just because it’s Spring, here’s a picture of Q’s special bee, Rocky Rock. He was a dollar at Target, and he has been fertilizing and buzzing around.
In other news, I love salad, especially when it has fatty-fat-fat dressing on it. Yum!
I also am thankful for:
Evening BBQs with friends
Gummy Bears
Sprinklers that work
A husband who knows how to turn on the sprinklers that work
Blue pools under blue skies
Being asked what the “tele” in “telephone” means
Knowing how to use Google to find answers to random questions
#427-442 of my Gratitude List, click below to start one!

16 thoughts on “Things That Make Life Sweet and Tasty

  1. I love your life! 😀 So what does the tele mean? Gummy bears and fatty, fat fat dressing– yum. though probably not together. Gummy bears mixed in ice cream is really good.


  2. ha! i find google pretty dang handy myself (though i am known to make up something nifty in a pinch), and boy do i have a soft spot for oodles of pinecones. yum!


  3. JoAnn! Guess what the UPS man brought for me, today? $9 of sour gummy worms! Evidently, my husband found a deal on them ($8) and thought of me. There are 200 Slim Jims on the way. Sometimes the UPS man brings Ragu…sometimes Bounce…always in great quantities. I love my husband in all his frugality and wisdom and surprise! How are you feeling?


  4. I wiah I could plant flowers too cold this week STILL. I am a bing girl , never use google but I do love my bing. I am so ready for a picnic in the sun and I agree salad isn't great without a little fat dressing.


  5. Thankfully I know how to use Google too or I'd be up all night wondering what tele means…

    What you need is a Magna doodle! My kids draw allll the time. I like the Magna doodle because it saves the trees. If my kids happen to make a masterpiece on the magna doodle I take a photo of them holding it…

    I love that bee — I would have bought it too!


  6. I'm so glad you know how to use Google, too. Then I just have to wait for you to learn stuff and then I can ask you how to do everything. So glad the hammers have ceased. I remember feeling like we were under siege when or roof was being replaced.


  7. My favorite answer to my kids, every day any day:

    “Let's Google it.”

    Can you hear their eyes rolling when I say it?
    It's genius. And I, too, am grateful.


  8. I LOOOOOVE Sunday afternoon naps! 🙂

    I have some free Easter / “He Is Risen” blog buttons if you would like one to display on your blog! They are on my blog and free to anyone who would like one. 🙂

    Celebrating His resurrection,


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