Flowers and Fire Trucks

I’ve been up to my ears in Childhood! It makes thankfulness comes easy…unless I haven’t had a nap, unless I haven’t had a snack, unless I’m sick, unless my children are in a “mood”. In those moments, watch me swallow a growl.

But who needs a pregnant hormonal whiner?
Not you.
Not me.
What we need are some flowers over the dirty dishes in the sink.
A picnic dinner by the overabundant asparagus fern
(if I start an ‘I HATE ASPARAGUS FERN Club’, would you join me? Seriously, I’m almost serious)
Perhaps during these uncertain times, you and I need to take a half hour to stare at the sea lions?
Of course life isn’t all sea lion gazing, we have real work to do. Just remember that even work is fun work when you have a friend and a big rake.
Wouldn’t life be more fun if we all carried big rakes around? I’d sure enjoy it.
Life is golden hair and sunshine, balloons and toy fire trucks, green grass, good guys, and gourmet coffee.
It’s also tears and Kleenex, bad guys and borrowed time.
Dark and light.
It’s always dark and light.
I’m very aware of the people who can’t write easy lists like mine, full of happy. Gratitude is harder, more fought for when it’s winter, when it’s night.
If you know how the story ends, if you know who’s spinning this globe, you can do it.
“We always give joyful thanks to God” – Colossians 1:3
He’s a good God. A God who wants us to rejoice in red plastic fire trucks and let him take care of the rest.

#434-448 of my Gratitude List.

15 thoughts on “Flowers and Fire Trucks

  1. It's because I know how the story ends that I can keeping going. “Beautiful life full of grieving.” A favorite line from a song I love. Love you, too.


  2. I love the golden hair!

    Why do you hate asparagus ferns so much (and should that really be on your gratitude list?) I killed some asparagus a couple yeas ago and felt badly about it. You have lessened my guilt. Thank you for that.


  3. “Gratitude is harder, more fought for when it's winter, when it's night. If you know how the story ends, if you know who's spinning this globe, you can do it.”

    What a well-stated thought…sometimes I'm just overwhelmed by the really meaningful things I read online…


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