When Two Happens

On the eve of his Birthday he danced in circles and laughed as he fell down.

I watched him run ahead as we walked the Farmer’s Market, and soon his face was stained with samples from cherries and strawberries. He shared a bag of mini donuts with his brother, who wouldn’t share with his mother, who was snuck a bite and wished she had purchased her own bag.
Fresh, hot donuts are delightful. Amen.
More delightful is the sight of a freshly minted two year old, with blond curly hair and residual baby chub, running a muck through stalls of asparagus and gourmet beef jerky.
He is my emotional one, full of opinions and temper tantrums. He is a fan of all furry creatures, he sucks his thumb as he pets the doggies he meets. As the proud owner of a felt frog mask, he charmed an entire Target as he ran around with it on his face, wielding a plastic sand shovel and screeching “RIBBIT” through the isles.
He likes cars, broccoli, juice boxes, cuddles, light switches, dress up clothes, and flushing the toilet…but don’t we all?
Happy Birthday Shel.

17 thoughts on “When Two Happens

  1. I'm not really sure where the idea of Terrible Twos came from. I think two-year olds are delightful. Now three-year olds…

    Anyway. Happy birthday Sheldon. Enjoy being the mom of the birthday boy, JoAnn. (Why did I even say that? Of course you will!) Ribbit.


  2. I totally agree with Nancy. Two is WONDERFUL. Three is a completely different story in my experience.
    Happy birthday, little thumb sucker! (I have a soft spot for thumb suckers.)


  3. Pssst! Hey, Shel…RIBBIT!!!

    And Happy birthday!!!

    To you and to the beautiful mama whose life changed forever on the day you were born.

    Love to you all. And broccoli. (ribbit. awesome.)


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