Cuteness Times Infinity Divided By Sentimental Feelings

Once I had a baby, and he had baby curls.

I thought they were permanent, and I gave him a haircut. The curls fell to the floor, and my heart sunk, and if that sounds dramatic you haven’t had a little boy with baby curls that you cut in a first born moment of milestone chasing. It was tragic.

With my first born, I focused on accomplishments. My mommy heart got all excited about first foods, and first teeth, and first haircuts. Then I turned around one day and Quinten’s brushing his own teeth and I realized that baby time is short, and there’s no going back.
I gave birth to another baby, and his hair was blond, and curly, and precious. I swore I wouldn’t cut his curls too soon. So Sheldon’s hair kept growing, and growing, and uh, growing. It got a little crazy. I didn’t care. It was so cute.
The boy has been my baby for two years, he gets away with highway robbery on account of his cuteness.
In the meantime he’s been making me laugh with his playful attitude. He likes to run around and pretend to be Batman.
He likes to do Cookie Monster impressions. He likes to dress up.
He’s into hats.
Here are some photos from today. I didn’t put these hats on him, I just turned around and BAM! There he was, wearing an interesting hat.
On the way to swimming lessons. Note that Q needs a haircut too. I think I’m still traumatized from the first, unexpected curl killing haircut. I kind of like it that way: messy and artistic?
At Grandma’s house…wearing Grandma’s hat…
I know this is a precious, precious picture. I also knew, when I saw it, that it was finally time to give Samson a haircut. I guess I draw the line at shoulder length.
I saw the finished result (Derrick’s handiwork), and my heart melted
because he is so stinking cute/grown up looking
And he was so proud of himself with his big boy haircut
…of course, the Thomas Train pajamas kept things in perspective.
He’s big. Well, bigger.
But I’m keeping the pajamas.

20 thoughts on “Cuteness Times Infinity Divided By Sentimental Feelings

  1. Oh my goodness, is this all adorable. Batman, the hats, the new haircut, everything. It does pass fast doesn't it? I'm still holding out on Mazzy's first haircut. Poor thing can't even see with her bangs covering her eyes.


  2. oh my oh my…the curls! Busby also has the sheldon golden curl, i think i may be ok with shoulder length but i know for sure daddy wont be so i have the curls dropping to the floor still to come! boo hoo! having said that though he does look super cute even with the big boy do! love all about this post xxxx


  3. oh gosh he looks just like his daddy now! my oldest is eleven and i now pretty much have to bribe or pay him to get a haircut. this is what it comes to eventually. this post reminds me of the time when i was in the bathtub and i came out to find my husband shaving off our firstborn's hair- he had just turned one and never had a haircut before. i flipped out…this is probably why i let him have his hair long today, and his dad cannot stand it. haha!


  4. The hats are great! He makes me smile, he looks like a little rascal…and I like a rascal.I cut Abbie's curls and was sick about it…I came back just not as curly.But now that she is grown she constantly straightens the curl. Silly child.


  5. Reading this, I realized very suddenly that there is a plus in having bald babies. Two of my three have been bald. My son didn't have enough hair to cut until he was almost three. Even then, it was a stretch. It appears as though the red-headed wonder may be four before making it to bob length.

    One happy thing about your having two little-boy-looking boys is that they're great at looking that way. And the other is that, soon, you'll have a baby-boy-looking boy!

    I love the king hat.


  6. For Mother's Day, my kids dragged out old video tapes of them when they were the ages of your boys (my children came before the digital era…)

    We've been watching tape after tape since Sunday. The cave-girl hair. The sweet sweet voices. The pajamas.

    My husband is now eyeing me like we maybe need to have a second generation of babies.

    Nostalgia is awesome. Until it makes you consider going back to the drawing board 12-14 years later.

    Oh no.

    They are so cute.

    I might be in trouble….


  7. his haircut is fantastic–what a darling little man! my third had curls that could melt you to a puddle, and at about a year i got tired of people asking, 'what's her name?' and sheared them. turns out they were a one-time thing and never did grow back. sad, sad day.

    lucky for both of us, our guys are cute even without their curls. 🙂


  8. Oh JoAnn, you're making me weepy and laughy all at once. The hats are killing me. Your whole family is adorable. Can't wait to see new baby.


  9. “BAM! There he was, wearing an interesting hat.” but who's the awesome mom who has interesting hats available at a moments notice? YOU are!

    I didn't give Elijah a haircut till after he was 3. People kept thing he was a girl and his name was Eliza. Uh no….

    Sheldon looks SO HANDSOME!!! And like such a big boy — I can't believe it. I hope you have a curl saved for his baby book…


  10. this is just the funniest post…i had to leave a comment to let you know your kids are the cutest little things and you are too funny. thank you for making me smile.


  11. Just now came back from getting the boys haircuts. Left Rowan's curls — they help me love him when he's very bad. But Noah has a short, summer cut and looks very much like the 4th grader he's about to become.

    Your boys are the cutest! Love the big boy cut!


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