Thanksgiving In May: It’s How I Roll

This Monday I give thanks for fresh strawberries straight from the patch

and the little boys who eat them.

For an overabundance (no such thing) of snapdragons
and the momma who grew them.
For little babies who are growing up fast
but still know how to snuggle and suck their thumb.
And for the Grandpa’s who hold them.
It’s been a whirling week.
Derrick started to build the kid’s play set. Luckily he had help because it took the brain power of three adults to muddle through the unmarked nuts and bolts, and to figure out that the English directions contained mislabeled parts. Thankfully the Spanish directions were right.
(“where is SB119? I can only find a SP119!)
I am thankful that the Spanish alphabet is so similar to the English, otherwise there’d just be a pile of wood in my backyard. Right now there’s still a pile of wood, but next to that pile is a very promising structure, standing tall in the rain.
Yes, it rained again.
I had just packed up all the boys “winter clothes”. It must be some Law of Nature to get all freezing when the winter warms are put in plastic.
Sheldon had his two year appointment. I told the Dr. that he was having trouble pronouncing his words, and wondered if he needed speech therapy. Since that appointment Shel has made me a liar of the highest form, talking in full sentences and saying things like, ‘TOO HEABY! TOO HEABY!” which, come to find out means, “too heavy!” and thank goodness I was able to figure that one out before he dropped a batman car on his toe.
Now that he can communicate, the fussing has dropped dramatically. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS because it was getting really rough there for a while.
I’ve been working on the baby’s room. I will post pictures as soon as I finish putting away the 90,000 baby blankets I have. Thanks to my friend Kayla (who never reads this blog) I also have three hundred pounds of baby clothes. It’s nice to be prepared. Thanks Kayla.
I’m calculating about four more weeks before this little dude makes his appearance. In the meantime, I’m nesting furiously and trying to think of a sleep contraption that would make sleeping comfortable. I’m pretty convinced that I have given up all forms of sleep and I stay up all night long, thinking deep thoughts. Derrick is convinced that I was snoring when he came to bed last night.
I’m thankful I don’t snore.
#449-459 of my gratitude list

p.s. #460 Q saw his first rainbow today.
I’m terribly behind in commenting and reading blogs. I would like to take this moment to pull the Eight Months Pregnant Card and promise to be back and typing furiously once I’m feeling less large. If you feel neglected, imagine my family, who has been mercilessly forced to eat a diet of sandwiches and spaghetti lately. I do lurk unapologetically though. I enjoy reading your posts, blogs are like a free magazine subscription, but with better writing.

18 thoughts on “Thanksgiving In May: It’s How I Roll

  1. Praying for you as you feather your nest. Love the pictures. You've got a house full of handsome lads. And I'm very jealous that you have strawberries off the vine already. oxo


  2. The mystery of toddler-speech. Mine amazes me everyday with the new things he learns. If you lived near me, and I knew you in “real life,” I would request your help in learning to garden … well maybe not this year. I wouldn't do that to a pregnant gal.
    And completely random, I enjoyed that your friend, Kayla, wrote, “suck it, Trebek” on her comment. I almost snorted when I read that.


  3. getting so excited for you….I love when they start really talking and say it close but not right. I had a friend whose son told her in the 8th month( he was 2) Mommy you are beautiful, you look kinda like a truck! haha Keep on trucking my friend!! And, I am sure you do not look like a truck!


  4. well, no fair about those snapdragons. No. Fairs. Or maybe you could send me some in the mail post?

    I don't know.

    Happy to hear the report on Shel. Siley is also making progress, especially regarding things like “I hadda fust!” or “Stop it, Mommy.” or “That's nassy.”


  5. First rainbow?

    Worth a celebration.

    As for your trouble sleeping: Whenever someone told me my lack of sleep prior to delivery was a preparation for sleepless nights after birth I wanted to poke that person in the eye.

    In a nice way.

    So I hope you GET SOME REST!

    And if not, at least you have snapdragons.


  6. Yay for fresh {and FREE} fruit! 🙂 And DOUBLE YAY for no speech therapy! Been there, done that…wish I wouldn't have – the boy never QUITS! 🙂 Glad you're doing well despite lack of sleep. One word: recliner.


  7. i love you friend. and you really encouraged me re: not needing speech therapy, because sometimes i wonder if aiden will need it. i keep praying, and i know, these things happen with time. xo


  8. we all love your blog as well! the winter clothes put away followed by cold weather made me gulp…i have just sold all my maternity clothes on ebay…have i tempted fate? brill that shel is talking, how cute is he, thumb sucking pic is adorable! i can sympathise with the insructions not making sense…the shed this end stole my man out of my life for weeks…not the 5 hours it said it would take in the instructions that also didnt make sense! i am too excited about the impending new arrival and cant wait to see baby pics. big love and hugs to my blogworld buddy xxxxxxx


  9. My two year old granddaughter did the same thing…one week she couldn't talk and the next it was as if some invisible button had been turned on and she was using full sentences!


  10. xo

    When I was pregnant with Cade, I borrowed this gigantic moon pillow from his great-grandma. It was not meant to be a body pillow, but it was so perfect. Crescent-shaped, and firmish, and gigantic. Her son, a designer, had made it for her, and I had to give it back. My girls are not her great-grandchildren, and I did not feel as though I could ask her to ship to me the moon pillow for my pregnancies with them. I mean, she's no longer my grandma-in-law. But everyone should have a moon pillow, and if I had one, I'd share it with you.


  11. “blogs are like a free magazine subscription, but with better writing.”

    hehe, so true. feel free to lurk away… and i, too, love that cuddles with grandpa photo…


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