I’m A Celebrity, Mom: Photographic Proof

Rocket Man
Candle in the Wind
Benny and the Jets
Tiny Dancer
umm…Crocodile Rock

That’s all I’ve got.
I just had to share another “Shel in Costume” moment. I don’t know what is going on with this dude and dressing up, but I do know that I find it hilarious.
I just go about my business, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Elton John.
Until of course, I turn around and Elton has turned into Spiderman. Then, I just go about my business and put Spiderman down for a nap. Peter Parker sure does get cranky when he doesn’t get his rest.

23 thoughts on “I’m A Celebrity, Mom: Photographic Proof

  1. hilarious…someone saved my life tonight..superman did. ha
    My nephew was obsessed with his painting smock. He wore it everywhere as a cape. They hid in under the mattress and he found it and donned it. They finally gave up. He was always in a costume!


  2. “I remember when Shel was young —
    he and Quinten had so much fun
    dressing up and chasing hens…”

    that's all I got…

    PS: I love the blue lips! lol…


  3. My youngest used to dress up every day. I remember picking up my oldest from kindergarten and and the teachers being so excited to see what he was wearing! Loved that phase. Makes me smile to remember it!


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