The world didn’t end Saturday, but it did…for some people.

A girl I knew in High School was in a terrible cycling accident while riding for a charity event through the mountains. She is brain dead, and her family plans on donating all of her organs.
I went to her Facebook page, and everyone was saying goodbye to her. I didn’t know what to write, so I didn’t.
Sometimes social media is very surreal.
You know those people, the ones who slip through your life after four years of FFA and Parliamentary Procedure competitions? You remember them, and how they always got straight A’s and had a sense of humor (as evidenced by the profile picture of her, kissing a monkey).
If you happen to bump into them, you’d have a lot of memories to talk over, and silences wouldn’t be awkward.
But, sometimes the world ends before you have a chance to catch up.
Please pray for her family. She was 29.

17 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. I want to say something lovely about the cycling for charity and the organ donation…

    But sometimes, pointing out the silver lining and the blessings is not necessary.

    Loss like that is unimaginable. So sorry.


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