Seriously, What Is Going On Here?

If I had a business card, it would list my occupation as, “Aspiring Napper, Professional Laundress”
Get it? Because I’m tired…and I’m doing a lot of laundry. I’m totally living a life that demands a blog update. I haven’t really been faithful to blogging lately, but thanks to refreshing ice water and a sudden burst of afternoon energy, I’m giving you the Low Down on the Latest!
I will be going to the hospital two weeks from today to have my third little boy. It’s all very exciting/exhausting. I’ve been dealing with a lot of sleepless nights, writing mental lists at 1 a.m. that involve buying a lifetime supply of swing batteries and important questions like, “what sort of hat will this little guy prefer?”
Because, we all like hats up in here:
My mom took the picture above whilst I was NAPPING one day. What are these kids doing? I have no idea. I think this looks rather professional with the lighting and the, um, poses. Good job Mom.
Derrick’s Birthday is this Friday and we are all excited. We have big plans to write, “Happy Birthday I Love You Daddy” on the cake, and we are going to make a surprise card. He’s in for a treat! Perhaps we shall even break out the dress up hats for the occasion.
Other than these exciting milestones, it’s all doctor appointments and trips to Costco and did I mention NAPPING? Gotta get ready for the baby!

9 thoughts on “Seriously, What Is Going On Here?

  1. Happy Birthday Derrick and Happy Baby to all!!! I'm sure he'll love hats just as much as his big brothers do…

    PS: Wouldn't you be surprised if Baby came on Daddy's birthday?!?!? Hmmmm?!?!?


  2. That pig hat was found somewhere in your house…no one I have ever met, online or in the 3d world, pairs animals and fashion as well as you. Bravo!!! You are my hero. (and this coming from a girl proudly displaying a picture of a dalmatian in a tinkerbell costume.)


  3. I heart hat people. Sigh. What am I going to do when you have a new baby to take care of and won't be around to entertain me on a daily basis. Hmmmm????

    Get some sleep, girlfriend.


  4. you don't really need a LIFEtime supply, you know… if i had a business card, i wouldn't list my laundry experience, because i'm no good at it. i wish i could get fired from it.


  5. Sleep while you can.

    And if possible, wear a pig hat. It will make you look supercute even as you finish out your last weeks of pregnancy.


    Now go. Take a nap.


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