Geese Eat Cherries! A Guest Post

You know in the old days how pregnant women went into “Confinement” when “their time” was nearing?

I obviously don’t believe in that old fashioned nonsense, because here I am, bouncing around cyberspace and visiting new friends.
Thankfully, I’m meeting up with Nichole from In These Small Moments on the Internet because you do NOT want to see my try to get into a car…or out of a car, but I’m scheduled to have this baby in about a week so get off of my case.
Nichole focuses her blog posts on a topic near to my heart: the small moments. Her blog is about appreciating “the wonder, beauty, and whimsy in the small moments, the moments that, when strung together, form an entire childhood.”
Please go check out her blog, I recommend it. I can also recommend Nichole (even though she has an unnatural fear of Popsicles). You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook too.
GO! VISIT! You wont be sorry.
click HERE to read my small moment.

8 thoughts on “Geese Eat Cherries! A Guest Post

  1. I love Nichole. She is a dahling.

    Are you nested? The baseboards scrubbed with a toothbrush? All the boy clothes put away? My house was never more clean than right towards the end of my pregnancy. Can't wait to meet the newest little man!

    Also, too? I did have a house I'd rented for 2 whole weeks in Sonoma. But then, Bill decided maybe the girls wouldn't see the fun in being in the wine country for 2 weeks. He's such a party pooper. I canceled that. Now, at the last minute, he asks what I think about renting a house in San Francisco. The girls were all up for it. I was excited. Turns out, I think the whole world comes to San Fran for the summer. So, poop on that. I think we might be back to Seattle.


  2. Thank you again for your lovely post, JoAnn.
    You captured your small moment so beautifully.

    I'm so excited for you that the baby will be here soon.
    Remember, I'm really not that far away if you need an extra set of hands (read: I adore babies).



  3. Hi JoAnn! Coming by way of Nichole's. Loved your small moments post. I confess, I didn't know about you. And I feel like I've missed out so I'm now desperately trying to catch up on your most recent posts. And congratulations on the impending birth of your third child! So exciting. Nice to meet you!


  4. I just found you over at its small moments! And I'm so glad that I did. I love your post!! Congrats to you for baby #3!! Boy or girl??? I ask because we hav 4 little dudes and one more unkown baby baking in my oven (quite unexected..but what're ya gonna do?!) I'm so happy to have found you in this vast blogoshpere!!


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