Orange Juice And Other Painful Matters

It’s how the orange feels when it’s being pressed against the juicer.

I am a small person, with a thin skin, and I don’t like to be pressed.
But is there any other way to make orange juice besides squeezing the orange?
I avoid the hospital, for various reasons. The gowns, the smells, the medication, the monitors, the memories. But, I have stayed there twice, always on purpose. It’s surreal to lay myself down, paralyzed at the waist, and volunteer myself for major surgery from an Almost Stranger who holds a Degree and a scalpel.
I lay there voluntarily, nervous and numb, drugged and emotional, and from my broken skin a baby rises up and I say it is good. I feel crazy for saying it, but I say it every time.
It is good.
Sometimes the things we hate are the things we return to, because we must, because it is worth it. The things which are hard, painful, frightening…they are often the things which give us the most.
It’s amazing what you get when you let life squeeze you.
Facing down the barrel of my third c-section, and frankly not looking forward to the whole process, but fervently looking forward to the end result.
Better than orange juice baby!
I think we are all facing things we don’t particularly enjoy in our life. Let’s hold hands and encourage each other. Let’s look forward to the fruits of our labor. Heheheh.

30 thoughts on “Orange Juice And Other Painful Matters

  1. I like this analogy. It's simple and easy to grasp, thus seeing the tough times from a liberating perspective.
    Yes, the best in my life has come from when I was being 'squeezed the hardest.
    Cute kids. 🙂
    I understand your mixed emotions about facing the another c-section. It's worth it, but the ride can be rough and scary.


  2. Jo Ann, thinking of you as you face surgery again. I like your analogy, too, and your sense of humor (as always). I have the same kind of thoughts about the pain of natural labor; my last one was a doozy and I told my husband “I don't think I want to ever do that again.” But I would! Because you get a BABY!!!! It's so worth it.


  3. What a great analogy…I didn't have c-sections with mine but I remember feeling the same trepidation over the whole process. Labor isn't fun either! But when you leave the hospital (finally), you will be bringing a sweet, precious, little baby! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see pictures of him. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers…

    PS…those pictures of the boys making oj are fabulous!


  4. Praying for you. Can't wait to see pictures of your baby! Along the lines of the fruit analogy, Jim and I checked in at every week during my pregnancies w/ the girls, & we would get so tickled b/c they would compare the size of the baby I was carrying to various fruits. So we would be, like: yay! our baby's an avacado this week! (Or, later, the head of a cauliflower!) Blessings to you and all your boys! (Do you have a female pet since the hen died?)


  5. praying for you and baby… i've had almost more surgeries than i can count, now… and the only one that had a present at the end of it was my c-section. yes, it's definitely worth it. holding your hand today…


  6. “I am a small person, with a thin skin, and I don't like to be pressed.”

    Oh, wouldn't we protect ourselves from all the potential discomforts of the world if we could…

    But as you say, sometimes the most beautiful rewards come from pain.

    I suppose it's a human flaw that we better appreciate joys when we've faced down fear.

    But then? The juice is oh-so sweet.

    Press on, my friend. Press on!


  7. “Sometimes the things we hate are the things we return to, because we must, because it is worth it.”

    You sure can pack a lot of wisdom into a single sentence. Love you.


  8. That was SO perfect for me to read. Or not. Well yeah, it was. Thanks a lot.

    Have fun this week – you know, getting your broken (but worth it) skin. I can't wait to see the little guy!!


  9. so glad that i dragged myself out from under a rock in time to be here for the first peek at that sweet new one of yours …

    praying, friend.


  10. oh honey i am so excited for you and just love this post! i have a life that squeezes me daily so i may just print your words out and post them up on my wall! can you email me your address my dear blogworld friend, i would love to send you a little something for the new arrival xxxxxxxx


  11. a great way to point it out- I'll have to come back to this post as my delivery draws nearer. I don't know which way it will go this time, but I do know I'll need this kind of attitude! 🙂

    OOOOH can't wait til we get to hear about the newest addition!!! Good Luck AND congratulations.


  12. praying for you!

    I love your sense of humour. Your posts rarely to fail to make me smile, unless of course you're showing off the fruits of living in an area where spring came much sooner than it did here. 🙂


  13. How did I miss this post the other day? I think I needed to read it yesterday in a few I-think-I-may-lose-it moments. I keep rereading this, “Sometimes the things we hate are the things we return to, because we must, because it is worth it. The things which are hard, painful, frightening…they are often the things which give us the most.” I may write it on a card and stick it on my fridge or mirror – you have now earned Francis Chan/Beth Moore/Alicia Chole status. 🙂 You should write a book.
    Praying everything goes well with baby #3.


  14. i don't know how you do this, this thing where you make me laugh-whole belly- and then choke as i try to tie-up my heart strings again. you are an amazing writer with a gift for “touching” with words. i love that.


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