The Baby Post: My Cup Overfloweth

Last Tuesday I looked like this:

I’m not going to post a picture of what I look like now. Let’s just say the only pants I fit into start with a P and end with a J, and I’m lucky to find time to brush my teeth.
I had a baby last Tuesday.
I would have looked more excited but I was busy trying to remember my first name and I had a major headache in this picture. I blame the anesthesiologist.
I’m happy to introduce the amazing, adorable, absolutely wonderful little person that goes by the name of Tobin.
Q sings him songs with lyrics like, “Rock a bye BABY in the tree TALK!”.
Shel is always asking about “Baby Tobin” and wanting to pat him on the head.
The boys both love to hold, kiss and touch him.
Too bad Shel seems to have pink eye. And a stomach virus. And a UTI infection. Obviously we are going to drag him off to the Dr. first thing tomorrow. Gah.
The day after I escaped from the hospital, I had to go back to the Children’s hospital with Tobin.
He was yellow with a capital J which stands for Jaundice (ha. That’s “just had a baby” humor for you. If you wake yourself up every three hours in the night, and then read that joke again, I promise you’ll laugh. You just need to sleep less).

I cried at the Children’s Hospital. Tobin, on the other hand, thought it was a day at the beach:
He sprawled himself out and relaxed in a plastic box while his mother slept on a plastic couch. I found out at 2:30 in the morning that it was actually a PULL OUT couch. By the end of the night I was laughing and taking delirious pictures like the one above and laughing because, geesh, that is one funny picture (if you don’t think it’s funny, get less sleep).
Having babies is a strange sort of chaos. There’s a lot of sitting and holding and nursing, and a lot of sleeping, and a lot of pain medication, and Doctor appointments. There’s a lot of balancing and falling off and balancing again.
There are two older boys who have managed to find themselves a virus to potentially share with the group. The boys run around, and fall down, and need hugs right when the baby is eating. There are not enough arms, or enough toilets, or enough minutes, or enough burp clothes.
But in the chaos, and the pajama clad days, there is a joy in knowing that the “not enough” is more than enough.
When your cup overflows it gets messy…but I’m still so glad that mine is overflowing.
I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who prayed for us, and is praying for us. To all our friends who are bringing us meals and visiting our baby, to our family who has been such a support, and my mom who has put up with us and cleaned up after us for the past few days. You all make the crazy adventure of Three Boys possible. I love you all.

Also? My husband is up for Husband of the Year. I think he should win, please vote for him! Just kidding! There’s not a vote button. What am I talking about? I don’t know. It was a blogger joke.
All I know is that he waited for twenty minutes for the people at the Chocolate Shop to make a carmel and chocolate apple for me, because they were out. When he brought it to me at the hospital and realized they hadn’t pre-sliced it, he cut it with a butter knife. That, my friends, is a good man.

37 thoughts on “The Baby Post: My Cup Overfloweth

  1. I was just thinking I miss you terribly. I pulled up your blog wishing I had new things to read…and sure enough, you answered. I hope to see your little bundle soon. Once things slow down a bit, then I'll bring you a meal, you know, when you're finally out of free food.


  2. Hi there! I just found your blog and love your metaphor about the overflowing cup being messy. I will remember that one. Congratulations on yet another addition to your beautiful family.


  3. oh i am so glad you are back and TOBIN IS GORGEOUS! gorgeous beautiful name and beautiful baby! your delerium/humour cracked me up! you are not supposed to be funny post baby! please send me your address honey, i really want to send that precious bundle a pressie! how pleased i am, what a wonderful way to start the day! i am sorry for the sickness of those other precious babes though…both my girls got chickenpox when i came home with busby, i gets crazy with 3 im telling you! xxxx


  4. Congratulations once again!! Tobin is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Now, my baby fever is at its peak, and seeing that picture of him, it's at a new pitch.

    Your family & your husband especially, sound amazing. You all are! Yay!


  5. I feel like a stalker since I haven't commented in so long. Congratulations! Such a sweet baby boy. I'll never forget the video of your boys' “excitement” over another brother!


  6. And even without enough arms and legs, you took the time to post pictures and write funny things for all your goofy friends in internet world. You are too, too good to us! And, yes, that man of yours done good, clearly setting a fine example for your young men to follow. Blessings, friend!


  7. What a sweet story. 🙂 The baby is AWESOME! And, you make childbirth seem like a piece of cake. My husband would do just about anything for me, but if he had to wait 20 minutes for it, he'd throw in the towel. 😉


  8. JoAnn! Congrats on your baby! He is just absolutely gorgeous! You and Husband of the Year made another great one!
    It is enough…it is enough. Thanks for letting us in on it. Will be praying for you in these next weeks!
    With love


  9. Q is so smart. “When the tree talks” is so much more soothing than in the tree tops, which sounds rather macabre if you ask me. Praying for you all, good health and happiness abounding. Love you lots.


  10. Wait. You have a caramel/chocolate-apple-cutting husband, three gorgeous boys AND a talking tree?

    It seems to me that lack of sleep has made you not only deliriously funny, but also deliciously lucky.

    I am so very happy for you and your beautiful family. I've been thinking about you, knowing what new joys and chaos were arriving.

    Tobin is incredible with a capital P for perfect…with a little extra yellow (hope the jaundice is resolved soon. all will be well).

    In the meantime, may you find extra arms to hug and extra lips for kissing scraped knees.

    I already know you have the extra love.



  11. Awe! New born baby bliss! Look at that little face! So cute! Congrats on the little one!
    I have 3 boys as well. My youngest is 4.5 months. Fun times!


  12. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Tobin. Oh, I love it. Although I sort of wish you had named him Tobias from the character off Arrested Development. Please tell me you know what I'm talking about. I fairly recently told Cory I liked the name Tobias for a boy and he said, “Do you want our child to be a nevernude?”

    But enough of me.

    Your boy is beautiful. I'm glad D is doing important things like getting you good snacks and making sure they are ready to eat. I hope you feel a million different kinds of loved. I wish I could come to your house and watch Q & S so you could take a nap. I totally would.


  13. Congrats! What a cutie! Tobin is pretty darn adorable too ;)! Glad to hear mom & baby and the rest of the crew is doing well – viruses and all.

    Christy @ Delighted & Peaceful


  14. I'm so happy for you! Tobin is adorable. (He also has a great “N” ending to his name so he'll fit right in with the bros.)

    How big was he at birth?

    We sing “Daddy will catch you — cradle and all.” so the lullaby does not induce nightmares (counterproductive lullaby!).

    I love that — “day at the beach”! lol…

    Praying for you and the fam (and your mom too)


  15. I love his name. I wondered to myself as I often do about people who do not really know me and I don't know but feel like I do… what his name would be…would it be an Austin, Hayden, Peyton.. you know that ending sound… Tobin is soooo much better! I think he is beautiful. I am so happy for you. The years fly by, hold him and enjoy these days. Congrats to all. And save some hugs for that athlete you are married to too!


  16. Holy crap I missed that you had your baby!!!!

    Love the name and I love how delicious he is. My ovaries definitely cramped looking at that sweet chubby baby gorgeousness.

    Congrats to you, my friend!!!



  17. hip hip hooray! and i love that song, “when the tree talks.” i think it has something to do with tolkien, and “ents.” he's a very smart boy.

    but i'm sorry you have illness in the house to deal with along with new baby stuff and c-section stuff – so glad you have a great mom and a great husband… and a beautiful baby boy to add to your collection of beautiful boys.


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