A Birth Story Featuring Marvin Gaye

There are a million tiny moments that we forget each day. When you mother a little baby, there are a billion tiny moments that are remember-worthy and they pass through your brain, in one ear and out the other. I blame the forgetfulness on the fog of sleeplessness, the tornado of hormones, the leftovers of the epidural.

Tobin is almost two weeks old, and there are a few things about his birth that I do not wish to forget. Here’s his birth story (not the gross version):
Every time we have a baby, my husband tells the nurse that he doesn’t like the puffy hats. He wants to wear a cool Doctor hat like on Grey’s Anatomy. For some reason, the nurses always get him a new hat, per his request.
When he asked for a special hat this time, the nurse brought him the Doctor hat…and Doctor scrubs. She then forced him to wear them and told the nurses at the nurses station to clap for him when he came out to go to the Operating Room. HA! BURN!
He was super embarrassed. I felt it was payback of sorts, since they had given ME a puffy hat with smiley faces, and since I was about to give birth and didn’t feel hat preferences should be on the table.
Paging Dr. McPickyHat!
Every time I have a C-Section, I’m amazed at the small talk that the doctors are capable of having. If I was a doctor in charge of delivering a baby, I think I would be talking about the whole amazing miracle of modern medicine/new life, perhaps I would recite a poem, or a speech fitting for the occasion. Instead, the doctors are always chatting about football or dinner plans.
It’s sort of a weird experience, but it got weirder.
A surgeon’s cell phone rang right before Tobin was delivered into the world. The ring tone?
Marvin Gaye singing, “Let’s Get It On”.
I thought maybe I was imagining the whole incident because I was heavily medicated, but Dr. McPickyHat later confirmed that it did indeed take place. There is a OB/GYN out there who has a slightly ironic ring tone, and Tobin was brought into the world with Marvin heralding his arrival.
I’m starting to think this stuff only happens to me.
At any rate, Tobin is here, and he’s precious, but I think he needs a new theme song. Suggestions?

35 thoughts on “A Birth Story Featuring Marvin Gaye

  1. Oh my goodness. I go away for a few days and look what happens, whole new (scrumptious and kissable) human beings arrive. Theme song…Three's Company Too!


  2. I don't know about a new theme song, but I couldn't stop laughting reading this post…hilarious, as usual. 🙂 Brittany had the DJ play that song right as Josh and I were about to leave our wedding reception, which IS fitting, however, not while a precious, beautiful Tobin is being born! Thanks for the laugh.


  3. I'm gonna go with, “I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends,” from Napoleon Dynamite. Cause I think Tobin and I are pretty much best friends by now.

    And, yes, stuff like this only happens to you. Try to not to worry about it though. Congratulations, McPicky-Hat family!


  4. I'm just laughing here!!!! This was so funny to read —– until I scrolled down and saw the pictures of that little guy!!!!! All that went through my head was that little chorus that we used to sing as kids, “This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine. . .”


  5. OK, first thing….he's TOTALLY adorable!!

    And second thing…that ring tone cracked me up! Congrats on your beautiful baby boy to add to the flock. You done good.


  6. oh my. Jo-Ann, you've done it again (well, i suppose Dr. McPickyHat had something to do with it as well). he is magical.

    which is why i'd suggest the “Three is a Magic Number” from Schoolhouse Rocks (covered by Blind Melon, if you'd like to get your old flannel shirt out of the closet).

    also, it's not just you: with our first, we put over 100 songs on the Ipod, expecting a long labor. it played all day. want to guess what song started right on cue, as the doctor put up the stirrups for push time?

    “Push It” by Salt n Pepa. Not making this up. The hubs looked at me with a tear in his eye, knowing that our wee one would be born with a sense of irony. 🙂

    love to you, friend. soak up these days. mine just turned one yesterday. it's waaaaay too fast.


  7. Oh my gosh I am just cracking up — you are the real funn deal my friend. Dr. McPickyHat is my favorite line ever I think.

    So how about “Ode to Joy.” Is that lame that I chose a snooty classical piece?


  8. Meant to say real funnY deal. Must start proofing comments. Like I don't have enough to do.

    By while I'm here again, I should say Tobin is the cutest elf ever!


  9. since nancy and keli both suggested lovely songs that have been excellently covered by jack johnson in his album, “sing-a-longs and lullabies for the film curious george”, i'd suggest you invest in it as a family soundtrack.
    and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (my surgeons were discussing decks)


  10. I'm behind in posts and just saw this now. Am dying at Dr. McPickyhat and “let's get it on.”

    Am also completely incapable of a better song suggestions right now due to a lovely glass of Friday evening Pinot Noir.

    Will consider and dazzle you with suggestions soon.

    It's good to have goals. Musical goals.

    (In the meantime, Marvin Gaye rocks. Oh yeah.)


  11. Love this! You crack me up. I'm a bit amazed at how you haven't lost the keen wit along with the countless hours of sleep. Motherhood suits you, my dear.
    (And a very belated congratulations!)


  12. so glad you posted a birth story!! i've yet to do so.. so you win (as my wii-addicted boys shout now at all things!)!!
    my docs talked about politics. and were NOT on the same side. LOL
    hope y'all are settling into your new rhythm. it's a pretty fantastic pace, i promise.
    p.s. how do i get your blog to show up on my facebook page again?


  13. congratulations, sweet one! and i think these things must happen to all of us all the time but we don't have your great humor or sensitivities to realize it… i love your stories and i love your blog and i'm so happy you are now 5.


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