Today I Sweat, I Waffle, I Think About How Much I Love the Word ‘Waffle’

What is Summer?

Meditative babies

Hide-outs made of Cedar
Parties at the park

…and swimming pool fever!
Happy Summer! It’s 100 degrees over here. Send help. Or ice cream.
What’s your favorite part of Summer? It’s so hard for me to choose…I’m leaning towards Air Conditioning right now, but I waffle between that and BBQs with homemade ice cream…and bubbles. Or maybe I like tank tops and flip flops the most?

17 thoughts on “Today I Sweat, I Waffle, I Think About How Much I Love the Word ‘Waffle’

  1. I have to say it again – your children are absolutely adorable. My favorite part of summer? Popsicles. I've been known to eat half a box in a sitting. Shameful but true. I could have eaten the whole box were it not for a family intervention. Hey it's not like it's ice CREAM, right? It's frozen water!


  2. I love events — camping, going to the water parks, free events for the family. I also love memories like chasing the ice cream truck with my kids.

    That fort looks awesome…


  3. it's really really stinkin' hot here, too. i need help AND ice cream.

    favorite part of summer? the amazing clouds, sunsets, and summer afternoon thunderstorms (if we would ever start getting any)


  4. That kid totally looks like he ate a melting crayon.

    At least you have that beautiful sunshine! It's still cloudy over here, but has gotten warmer. Making all the houses disgustingly muggy inside.


  5. Homemade peach ice cream, 4th of July celebrations, fireworks, watermelon, the beach, time to read a good book…I could go on and on. Wait, I did go on and on. It was 102 here yesterday. It cooled down a tad, but it's still summer in the South.


  6. Tonight it was burgers on the grill, a delicious pinot noir and family friends here.

    Kids swimming in the pool with the dogs.

    (the dogs only got a couple of the hamburgers…)

    We started early so everyone was done by 8:00.

    To me, tired kids and a house empty of everyone else but us before nine PM is heaven.

    Or summer.

    Or both.

    (love the pictures, JoAnn. What a family. So wonderful.)


  7. your little tobin is precious!!! i'm still in newborn heaven right now, so i can't see much past that, but the mornings we all (my 4 kiddos and i) go outside to swing on my lovely swing in my shady yard… that's been pretty wonderful. the other fave? seeing hubby's drool-inducing legs getting tan while he mows the yard. 😉


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