When A Costume Fights A Condition

There are the overwhelming days. 
The days where you wonder how you’re going to make it to nap time, and then nap time comes, but the nappers are on strike. Then, after fake nap time you remember to do three things when you really should have done eight. 
The days where you have to call the Doctor, the Exterminator, and the Dryer Lint Air Duct Guy. You remember to sign your oldest up for Preschool, and you TRY to remember that these precious moments are short but, then you DEFINITELY remember the nap strike and the precious moments aren’t so…precious. 
Today I was just so sleepy. So sleepy. Being sleepy makes me impatient and angry.
Just when I was wondering if I would make it through the day…

I decided to check on the boys who were playing “School” in the spare bedroom. I knew they were playing with backpacks. I could hear Shel saying, “I GO SCOO” over and over, and I could hear Q telling him some elaborate story about what a slinky is for (it is for putting your hands in to drive without using a steering wheel) (I don’t know, he’s three okay).

Nothing about the children’s chatter prepared me for Shel’s “school” attire:

Needless to say I dropped everything and played school for a good half an hour. I laughed almost the whole time and I felt guilty about being such a Crankenstein earlier.

When it was time for bed, Shel started crying hysterically because he wanted to actually go to school and was sorely disappointed. It was all we could do to get him to remove his goggles for bed, and I held him and kissed his tear stained, goggle imprinted face and promised him school…someday.

I held him and thought about all the days I waste wishing for something more, something different, something new. The days I waste wishing for naps or quiet.

It’s a chronic condition of the human race and it starts at age two, this “never satisfied” state. Shel wants to go to school and I want clean house and a hot cup of coffee. There’s always something.

I don’t want to miss anymore ridiculous costumes and hilariously imaginative ways to use a slinky. I don’t need sleep, I need perspective. I need to see what’s in front of my face. It’s wonderful…and it won’t be the same tomorrow.

This is the gift of Now, and I’m going to unwrap it, cold coffee and all.

For more of Shel’s impromptu costume changes (they’re good for a laugh) click on the costume label below (I’m nothing if not obvious).

24 thoughts on “When A Costume Fights A Condition

  1. This is just such a lovely post. You are so right to stop play, because I am well aware that the costume days end. My youngest spent his first 6 years in costume. This post made me fight back tears and laugh with joy. You are so right…I am sitting here in complete quiet drinking hot coffee and I'd love just one day playing “scoo” in royal costumes….but just one day would be enough for a while 😉 I am trying to spend my days NOT pining over days already past.


  2. Please tell me you're going to let him wear the goggles when he DOES go to school! God is so good to slow us down sometimes and direct our attention to moments like these. It's hard to be attentive to all of them–the moments and the years do slip by. I beat myself up pretty good for letting so many get past me. Some will, and be gentle with yourself. Sleep is a legitimate need!


  3. I don't even know what to say. I wish you lived down the street so I could come over and play school too.

    ( and take over so you could nap)

    you made my day. I think I've said that before .


  4. After laughing at the costume (so stinkin' cute), I fought back tears through the remainder of your post.
    “I need to see what's in front of my face. It's wonderful…and it won't be the same tomorrow.” so very true.


  5. Today it's shark pajamas, swim goggles, a king's crown…but he'll be going to prom before you know it.

    So you are so smart to put these words together in a row:

    “I held him and thought about all the days I waste wishing for something more, something different, something new. The days I waste wishing for naps or quiet.”

    Believe me. You are already doing it right.

    You are.

    Do you know how many people NEVER receive such insight?

    You're there. Sleepy. But there.

    (and forgive yourself for the Crankenstein. he happens to the best of us.)


  6. p.s. On second thought, you have a LONNNNNG time to worry about the tuxedo and boutonniere and prom.

    He's got years and years and years of pj's and crowns and eye wear to share.

    Endless giggles. And deep breaths. And peace.


  7. I love that you stopped and played. I gotta say that school uniform leads me to believe that's the kinda school I'd like to attend!!!

    PS: You're so right about being never satisfied…


  8. oh hyou are so lovely! you capture the human condition in the most hilarious and loving way, i just love your writing. i put in a recent blogpost that…

    grown ups live in past and present with their cares
    but children grab now, its the present that is theirs.

    i think its so true, kids are much better at doing NOW than us! love and hugs xxxx


  9. I know I should comment on the deeper meaning to this post, which was beautifully written and I totally get, but that going to school ensemble is hilarious! One of the best dress up combos I've seen!
    Happy Friday!


  10. when i read here, you always seem to make me to enjoy my children more. you make me ponder my selfishness. thank you 🙂

    this middle child of yours may have a future in showbusiness, or vegas?, since he loves to dress up in costumes. make sure you get him started on an instrument, i hear that always helps. the more talented the better i think.


  11. how i wish we were neighbors and i could see these beautiful little boys and their costumes for real and we could share real coffee and tell each other about the nasty dirty corners of our homes. sigh. there IS always something… 🙂


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