Moderation’s Assasination

Today Suzette is talking about her faith journey, and I'm so glad she's here. I just love her, and I always enjoy visiting her blog The Frat Pack & Me. Her writing has a thread of humor, honesty, and beauty. I think she's fabulous...check out what she has to say and you'll think the same. I … Continue reading Moderation’s Assasination

When Life Hands You Ear Balls, Make Pearls

Shel, my two-year old, loves earrings, but he's no jeweler. When Grandma visits, he touches her pearl adorned ears, calls them "ear balls", and refuses to be corrected. We laugh.Photo of the fascinating "ear ball"It's a classy term for those luminous miracles from the bottom of the sea...right?Maybe I do that sometimes. Maybe I see something … Continue reading When Life Hands You Ear Balls, Make Pearls

The Magical Ordinary

In the morning, a terrible mist comes to me. Foggy and groggy, I stumble around the coffee maker, blind. I think everything is grey and stale. My coffee is lukewarm. There are mountains of dirty diapers and my shirt smells like spit, and everything is awful.Despite my disposition, the world still sparks; I'm not so … Continue reading The Magical Ordinary

The Cricket and the Ice Cream Cone

When it gets dark and quiet, and all the world sleeps, I am awake. I look out my window and see the moon, almost full and almost bright, illuminating the passing clouds and shining down on my street, my house, and my cricket.The cricket sings outside my bedroom window and in the middle-night hours when … Continue reading The Cricket and the Ice Cream Cone

The Lumberjack’s Wife’s Shocking Discovery

Sometimes you stumble across a blog and you just love it, and that is what has happened with me and The Lumberjack's Wife. Taylor always has a way of making me laugh, usually at her expense, but still. I really, really like her. She keeps it real on her blog, documenting life in the middle … Continue reading The Lumberjack’s Wife’s Shocking Discovery

Growing Up And Messing Up

I live in a world of Goodnight Moon and playdough clumps hidden in the cracks of my dining chairs. Race cars and rocket ships made of used paper towel rolls mingle with my unfolded underwear. I walk the halls with a pedicure, chipped from stumbling over toy trains in the middle of the night.I stroke … Continue reading Growing Up And Messing Up

When The Air Is Thin And You Can’t See The Lake

When I first started blogging, I met Nancy, and we've been "pretend friends" ever since. She is a writer that explores her faith in a thought provoking way, but she adds a little salt and pepper to her posts to make it interesting. Plus, she posted a video of the Muppets doing a Patriotic number … Continue reading When The Air Is Thin And You Can’t See The Lake