When Life Hands You Ear Balls, Make Pearls

Shel, my two-year old, loves earrings, but he’s no jeweler. 
When Grandma visits, he touches her pearl adorned ears, calls them “ear balls”, and refuses to be corrected. We laugh.
Photo of the fascinating “ear ball”

It’s a classy term for those luminous miracles from the bottom of the sea…right?
Maybe I do that sometimes. Maybe I see something completely amazing and beautiful, and my little mind names it something ridiculous. 
Maybe when I say my day is “bad” I’m naming pearls “ear balls”, like a confused two year old who doesn’t know what he’s seeing.
Today was…hard…for me. 
I lost count of Time Outs. I was shot in the bottom multiple times with rubber suction cup bullets. I made a delicious and healthy dinner that no one under 18 would eat. My bathroom has been through a lot in the name of Potty Training. People threw fits (not me) and threw toys at walls, and cried for whatever they DIDN’T have, and did other things that I shall not mention here. The city shut my water off for two hours. My clothes are mysteriously sticky.
There’s a rubber bullet stuck to my window sill, a remnant that testifies to today’s battle.
But, maybe today wasn’t a war. Maybe it was something beautiful, something I’ll miss when I’m alone and eating my vegetables in peace.
I keep looking at that rubber bullet. It’s not glamorous, but it’s sure hilarious.
I’m naming today “wonderful”.
 So there.
*and YES, I do amuse myself when I name my blog post something ridiculous.

23 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Ear Balls, Make Pearls

  1. good.

    and just wondering, do you ever make a healthy and delicious dinner that anyone under 18 likes? because that just doesn't happen here. every dinner it's 1/6 kids eats… 2/6 if i'm lucky.


  2. I love it… rubber bullets to the fanny. I got snot wiped on me yesterday, and then Aubrie went into a coughing fit and sharted.It was a fun day. Truly, it was.


  3. hmmmn. i suspect i've been doing this daily, failing to see the gifts and opportunities and instead thinking everything's coming up ear balls. these weeks have been emotionally exhausting, but there's so much miracle threaded through it all.

    you're beautiful. i'm so glad i have you.


  4. I thought this post was going to be about earwax – which grossed me out yet intrigued me, haha. I realized (yet AGAIN) yesterday how every day is a precious gift when Bubby developed what appears to be an allergy to strawberries (scary how quick a rash appeared, but thankfully nothing else) and at the end of the evening when he took a tumble off the kitchen chair which looked worse than it was. My babies exhaust me, but they are worth it.


  5. ahhhh, good lesson, kiddo. i don't really miss the “difficult” days of toddlerhood, so much as realize their humor in restrospect. so i admire your fight to realize the humor in the NOW. or at least a few hours later…


  6. I know all about those delicious and healthy meals that no one under 18 will eat. We must have the same cookbook…

    I like that you clarified that you were not one of the ones throwing fits.

    I hope you have another “wonderful” day, but with less rubber bullets to the butt and more water.


  7. Your posts are always so beautifully written and inspire me to be more appreciative of every day…even when it's a bad day!

    I love “ear balls!” How precious and wonderful. I know it's hard to see when you are in the midst of mysteriously sticky clothes and rubber bullets…but one day (and it will be here before you know it), you will look back on these days wistfully.


  8. I love the way you look at things. Your words are very inspiring. I had a day with an irritable, rabidly teething baby and I got on the computer tonight feeling all tired and cranky but I will be getting off of it feeling uplifted and thankful for my healthy, growing boy. Thank you for that. Here's to many more wonderful days ahead. 🙂


  9. When you are alone and eating vegetables, I will come join you. Of course, we'll probably both be completely out of our minds by then–oh wait, how would that be different from now? (Yes, I have more reliable wireless now. Aren't you so very glad?)

    Ann Voskamp wrote about the power of naming things and how doing so transforms our experience of them. Sounds like you're getting in touch with your inner Ann.


  10. I've been saving your post in my in-box because I always know it will lift up my heart.

    I've been busy. Really busy. Like can't-catch-up busy.

    But I read your words and think instead of lamenting this state, I should say this:

    “Opportunity for productivity.”

    (not as pithy as ear balls, but it'll do.)

    Plus, I think rubber bullets should be called LOVE PELLETS.

    Much less scary.

    And now, my heart is lifted. As I knew it would be.

    Thank you, friend. so very much.


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