Moderation’s Assasination

Today Suzette is talking about her faith journey, and I’m so glad she’s here. I just love her, and I always enjoy visiting her blog The Frat Pack & Me. Her writing has a thread of humor, honesty, and beauty. I think she’s fabulous…check out what she has to say and you’ll think the same. 

I am so honored to guest post for JoAnn!  I am not sure how we found one another, but every post of hers is a joy!  Thanks for asking, JoAnn!

I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember.
I do not have a dramatic conversion story.
But I must speak the truth.  For many years I just paid lip service to my faith.
When it was convenient.   When it made me feel justified to be judgey.  Most Sunday mornings.

I applied the concept, moderation in all things, and that included my faith.
But the Lord has worked with me slowly.

I am a chronic worrier.  I worry so much I worry about how much I worry. One day I decided to turn each worry into a prayer.  I realize now that was the grace of God bringing me to that decision.  I began setting aside time each day to pray.  There are times when my prayer consists of complete silence.  Times when it consists of a wandering mind that I keep trying to re-focus.  Times where I say a memorized prayer.  Times when I express gratitude.  Times when I beg, gripe or complain.  And times when I just tell Jesus how I feel about him.  And something happened in my heart.
I began to fall completely head over heels in love with my faith in Jesus Christ.  I began to feel peace and worry less.  I realized there can be no moderation when it comes to our love for the Lord.  I remember how afraid I was the first time I put something on my blog that was religious.  I knew I would be judged by some readers, just as I had judged people I thought were “too religious.”

So, again, I turned my worry into a prayer.  And God took away my fear and he instilled in me the knowledge it is only His opinion that matters.  His judgement is the only judgement I should spend time considering.  When that realization hit me I knew I would never worry again what others said about my “religiousness.”

The Good News finally sunk in and and for that I am Eternally grateful.

Prayer makes your heart grow bigger, until it is capable of containing the gift of God himself.
                                                                                           ~Mother Teresa

24 thoughts on “Moderation’s Assasination

  1. Nice to meet yet another lovely fellow Ostrich lover! I know too well that moderation–that phoning in of my faith. So thankful for a Savior who loves me too much to let me get away with that.


  2. I love this. I to have come a long way. I feel like my blog was God pushing me…I resisted for a year. Now I feel like I am supposed to just be an example to others about an unworthy child of Christ doing her best to honor him. I want my blog to let others see a Christian still struggles in life, has a lot of fun and is totally in love with her savior.
    You said all that and do all that in your blog. You inspire me!!


  3. I love reading anything by Suzette, but my heart bends towards the screen when it is about her faith. I have a worrier child and Suzette shows me that God can make something beautiful out of our imperfections and our vulnerability. He can draw us near. Thank you for this!


  4. Thank you JoAnn for hosting. Honest, simple, and to the point. This was so good. And yes, only God's opinion matters. How freeing it would be to take hold of that.


  5. Suzette, I very much enjoyed reading this post (just as I always enjoy reading your posts). As I've mentioned to you once before, I do not consider myself to be a religious person. This is not because I don't believe in God or want to be religious. I'm just not sure WHAT I believe! What I do consider myself to be with absolution is a spiritual person. Regardless, your words were relevant and extremely inspiring, especially because I too am chronic worrier. Thanks for this!


  6. You shared wonderful collection of Mother Teresa quotation. I really impressed with it, As I just want to say that I was totally unknown from this. But after reading this I came to know about that.


  7. Absolutely what I needed. Those images are thing near and dear to my heart. But making the time has always been my stumbling block. Thank you for the beautiful message!


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