Baited Lines and Smelly Pines

Fishing is boring, unless you catch an actual fish, and then it is disgusting.
~Dave Barry

We went to the mountains. We went to the fish. We went to the place where the air is thin, heavy with pine.

In the middle of majesty, small people cried out for bathrooms, but the view was worth it.

In my later years, I lost my love of fishing. I had a suspicion there was something good about it though, and wanted my boys to learn.

The amazing thing about children is this: buy them a ten dollar Toy Story rod and they will find what you lost. I officially love fishing again. Especially off cabin balconies.

We held hands and went to the place where everyone is in Gore tex and floppy hats, collectively perfumed in bug spray.

Strangers held our poles for us and we wore jam on our face without shame. We were outside…

…at a Children’s Fishing Festival, where we practiced the art of standing around. We put our faith in Providence and power bait.

Our hopes were not misplaced, and the fish came to us with it’s speckled rainbow and it’s sharp teeth, a miracle in scales.

Children don’t know about the unspoken rule for limited expectations. Why settle for one fish when you can catch TWO? And, why not have the second bigger than the first? Say, half our body size?

So, we fished and we walked and we threw rocks in the lake. Some of us played with tackle boxes and some of us waxed poetic about the pine trees, and the difference between fishing and Facebook.
Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after. ~Henry David Thoreau

15 thoughts on “Baited Lines and Smelly Pines

  1. I never quite understood fishing, but looking at your pics reminded me of similar ones in my photo albums–both those of my childhood and ones of my husband and kids. There does seem to be something about fishing that connects. Gorgeous mountains (I can say that as long as I don't have to hike them–was there a lake at the end of any of the trails?) Beautifully written, friend.


  2. The difference between facebook and fishing…

    This post was poetry mixed with pictures and smeared with jam.

    In other words, pure joy.

    And for the record, Toy-Story anything will bring back the love for me.


    So glad you had a wonderful time.
    With both family and strangers.

    That's the way to spread the good stuff. Thickly.


  3. Those are some killer catches! My six year old has decided fishing is his thing… I wasnt happy about it at first…. But have (finally) come to terms with the grossness!


  4. Such a sweet sweet post…reminds me little girls and their pink Minnie Mouse rod used in the pond near our house. Have you heard the country song-She thinks we're just fishin by Trace Adkins? I love the words.

    The scenery in your pictures is gorgeous! Congrats on the big catch : )


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