Preschool And How It Relates To Breakfast

It’s time for breakfast wrapped in burritos. While scrambling eggs and grating cheese, the food will take new forms. In the fridge, tortillas will wait for the teeth that come in the morning.

At six-ish a small person will get out of bed and change from Pull Up to Undies. I’ll comb his hair, he’ll mess it up. He’ll eat blue toothpaste with sparkles, I’ll try to get some on his teeth. But first, I’ll hand him a burrito.

He’ll ask if it has potatoes, and I’ll say no, because love is the little things. Love is no potatoes.

I’ll take his picture, he’ll protest. I’ll ask him if he needs to go potty, he’ll say no. He won’t forget his backpack but he will forget his brother who will ask to go to school too.

Squeezing him I’ll say “One is more than enough.”
I’ll carry the smaller one with me to the house, to the empty quiet, to the kitchen counter. Smiling, I’ll hand him a burrito…and go cry quietly in my eggs.

20 thoughts on “Preschool And How It Relates To Breakfast

  1. Oh Joann, you're making me cry this morning. My baby goes to kindergarten this year, and I've already cried because I don't want her to have homework. Ever. I want her to be five forever, and just dance around my house and pretend to talk on my phone and NEVER have homework.
    Love to you, sistah!


  2. oh sweets, such a difficult time for a mama's heart. it's something of a miracle to watch them grow into Actual Human Beings apart from us, and yet i ache for all we leave behind.

    hang in there. you're a mighty good mama.


  3. You are getting to experience it all at once aren't you? New home, new baby, starting school- all in the same year. Hug that littlest one and enjoy your tears. I think chocolate is called for.


  4. And so it begins. Trust me, you can wrap a lot of love inside a breakfast burrito. Was just lying in bed this morning thinking I ought to make some for the morning we leave to take my son to college.


  5. Wait – love is no potatoes?? This is definitely news to me. Love so IS potatoes. Yum.

    Anyway – kinder already?? Hugs to you. Sage starts next month. But the middle one will get gypped a little on emotion, I fear. When Xander starts? I will be doing the ugly cry.

    So glad you linked up!!



  6. My oldest starts preschool this year, and I am having a hard time realizing she's going to be gone two mornings a week.

    And now I want a breakfast burrito 🙂

    Good luck!


  7. My youngest is going starts kinder tomorrow and I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. Where did my babies go?! You certainly have an adorable one hug on! :>


  8. My computer is having issues today and not letting me comment. Hope this hasn't come through twenty times!
    Just wanted to say thinking of you – and I'm taking notes since you are just a step or so ahead of me on this mommying journey. Hope the first day went well for you both!


  9. “One is more than enough,” indeed.

    And really?
    Everything relates to breakfast.

    I've cried over eggs. And loved potatoes. Or not. Many times.

    Still, by dinnertime, I hope you could all agree it was a wonderful first day of preschool.

    (especially Shel who must've been almost as heartbroken as you.)

    Hugs all around.
    And burritos again tomorrow.


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