Where Whittling Will Get You If You Dream Big

I have laryngitis. 
In the time it’s taken me to type the last two sentences Derrick has asked for chocolate cake…twice. The first time I resisted getting myself a piece, but when I got him cake and a glass of milk a SECOND time I couldn’t hold back. So, I cut myself a slice and sang the original hit song, “Tempted by the cake of another…” 
That’s the end of it. It sounded really sexy though (because I have laryngitis). Derrick said I sounded like a chain smoker, but what does he know. 
He sure doesn’t know a good thing when it shows up in his local paper. There was an article about a carousel exhibit in town. Children under six would be given a ticket to ride the town carousel, which is housed in the oh-so-appropriately named “PLAYLAND”.
I decided we were going. I forgot I was the only girl in the family. I was met with resistance.

We went. Quinten told Derrick, “I didn’t know it was going to be so much fun!” and I gloated. I’m still gloating. I love it when my schemes succeed.
The exhibit was stupendous. The carousel animals on display were old and amazing, and many of the horses had tails of actual HAIR. 
I was unable to read anything educational. The only thing I read was, “PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH” and after that I was busy saying, “NO TOUCHING! NO TOUCHING” as my boys ran around screaming, “ANOTHER HORSEY! ANOTHER ONE! AHHHHH! CAN I GET ON IT!? WHAT ABOUT THIS ONE?”
A horse bottom. I don’t know, okay.
Now is probably the time to tell you that I took horrible pictures. These animals were beautiful, realistic and frankly, I got a little wrapped up in the fabulousness of it all. 

Imagine my excitement! Theodore Roosevelt on a tiger! With a gun! Fun fact: he is my favorite president.

The docent for the exhibit was a very nice lady. She told us she was going to show us something that many people don’t see. She walked over to another tiger and whispered conspiratorially, “Look! Here! A bird!”

I went to look and I seriously thought there was a secret compartment in the tiger’s saddle that held a bird, you know, music box like. Now seems like a good time to tell you that I’ve read almost all of the original Nancy Drew books…twice. There’s always a secret compartment.

As an adult, I’ve given up hope for secret compartments. However, these carousel animals were OLD, like 100 years old. Surely the possibility existed.

I was rather disappointed to discover a parrot carved under the saddle. But really? What an amazing parrot. The colors are perfect. I wish all saddles were this beautiful.

The animals were breathtaking. I almost walked past this little lady, who was sandwiched between two glamorous giraffes:

People ask me why my blog is named “Ostriches Look Funny”.  Now seems like a good time to tell you that I don’t know why. If I had any foresight, I should have named my blog something relevant to the topics I write about: parenting, faith, coffee, farm adventures…

Today marks a momentous occasion: it is the first time in the history of Ostriches Look Funny that I have actually blogged about Ostriches.

It’s a happy day!

Note: All of the carousel creatures are owned by a local man, who apparently (and I believe it!) has one of the best collections in the country. His name? TOBIN! If my Tobin decides he wants to collect something, I hope it’s something beautiful…

17 thoughts on “Where Whittling Will Get You If You Dream Big

  1. I loved this post! I know what you mean about being the only girl in the family…and I love it when the boys eat a bit of crow. The Nancy Drew part cracked me up. I too would've been all about a secret compartment. So happy I was here for the first blogging about an Ostrich post 😉


  2. ADORE! I would have loved to see all those amazing animals with you and your boys! And yes, my kiddo would have been the one to get us thrown out because he couldn't NOT climb aboard.

    So glad your scheme worked out! 🙂


  3. Ha! This was fun! Glad I could be here for your first post on Ostriches! It cracks me up that you don't know why you named your blog what you did!!! BUT I think it suits….It's Perfect!

    (I need to read more of your blog. Do you guys live on a farm too?)


  4. I'm full of family fun day schemes too, but my family knows by now to trust me that fun will be had. Of course I always just take them and surprise them instead of telling them where we're going in advance. If they ask where we're going I say “Crazy — wanna come?” and they always agree to come. lol… We all know crazy = fun, right?

    I'm glad you've finally posted about ostriches. It gives a certain validity to your blog that's been missing all this time.


  5. JoAnn, you have come full circle with the ostriches (get it? full circle? like a…carousel…sorry). This looks like a beautiful display.
    Fun fact: TR is my son's favorite president, too! His third favorite president is James Madison. Who even HAS a THIRD favorite president? My 9 year old.


  6. Ok, since you love carousels so much, I think you should fly to the East Coast (after hurricane season), and we'll go, together, to the one in Hampton Roads. 🙂

    (Brandee. Google is acting dumb.)


  7. OH, I would've LOVED to see this! And guess what, guess what? Teddy Roosevelt is my favorite president, too. No wonder we like each other. I have a book called, “A Bully Father” about Teddy and his kids. Have you read it?


  8. But ostriches DO look funny.

    And it's a much better title than, say, “Teddy Roosevelt is the bomb.”

    Which is true, of course.

    But he's clearly better suited to the side of a carousel tiger than a blog header.

    p.s. Whittling is also the bomb. And so are you.

    (Also, I may not be able to pull off using “the bomb” with any sense of legitimacy, but it doesn't change a fact from a fact.)


  9. Ostrich friend! I've missed you horribly (stupid trees in power lines). I'm so glad I got to hope online and read this post and see these pictures. And I'm so glad you wrote about ostriches. Although, if you ever do change your blog title, I hope you will give serious consideration to “Teddy Roosevelt is the Bomb.”


  10. yay how funny…loving the 1st ostrich post. can i just tell you i am obssessed with carousels! i have a huge collection of pics ihave taken from all over the world of them…waiting to be inspired into some artwork somewhere! and the secret compartment…oooo i am so excited what if every carousel i ever photographed has secret compartments in….your talking to the girl that dreamt about finding a huge cellar as big as my house and then spent the next day pulling up floorboards inside and the patio outside to see if it was real! im all for a secret compartment anytime! xxxxxx ps no cellar was ever found and joe has never let me live it down!x


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