Checking In With My Peeps

People.I have a friend visiting me from Germany for three weeks. I will not be writing as much (cue sad violin music)(dim the lights).  I'm a tad busy.They're on a boat! With their flippy floppies! (I was flippin' copies).So far I've been boating in the mountains. I've visited 2,200 year old trees the size of … Continue reading Checking In With My Peeps

Shake Your Salt Shaker

I got on a big plane and flew to Germany when I was 18. I think my parents let me go because they wanted me to expand my horizons and have an "experience".I experienced a lot of beer and a belly button piercing. Then I flew home and experienced my mother reading my diary and … Continue reading Shake Your Salt Shaker

Bountiful Deliciousness

When I saw the boxes smiling maliciously at me, a little piece of me screamed inside.I didn't remember ordering anything from and could only assume I had accidentally subscribed to diaper delivery again. I did that one time, and ended up with three huge boxes of size 5 diapers delivered to my house in … Continue reading Bountiful Deliciousness

An Update…Hopefully I Haven’t Done Something Illegal…

You guys, today was touch and go.I don't know what that means exactly, probably because it's a sports metaphor (right?), but that's what today was. Touch. And. Go.People were crying, there was pinching, there was faux biting (just threats, no teeth)(not me! the KIDS!)(okay, I was crying...inside).Disclaimer: It's not a real gun. I'm not sure … Continue reading An Update…Hopefully I Haven’t Done Something Illegal…

When Coffee Doesn’t Cut It

This morning I planted flowers in my pajamas. With a burned and blistered index finger, I touched all things tenderly and wiped mud on my bathrobe. Twenty minutes later I was drinking sugared coffee and the silence led me to the Under-Four's, digging enthusiastically. I didn't know it, but the Snapdragons wanted to be in … Continue reading When Coffee Doesn’t Cut It

Thankful Things In Season

There's sausage on the stove and a baby on the floor.Summer sweats and sings, "Hold the pumpkins! Hold the spice!"But the Season's ending, the seasonings are beckoning, so it's nutmeg and cinnamon with a hint of hazelnut.In September we wander the dairy at duskand console ourselves with dirt and hay, some brand new spots.The world's … Continue reading Thankful Things In Season

A DIY Hat of Rubber Bouncy Ball Proportions

There are bleak, flavorless days. The days when you feel extra un-special and mediocre. Everyone is cooler than you. You think perhaps you could improve your cool quotent by getting a better job, or a better shirt, or a better dog/cat/fish/pet-in-general, or maybe not a pet at all. So, you trade your old cat in … Continue reading A DIY Hat of Rubber Bouncy Ball Proportions

"She Reads, She Paints, She Sets Things On Fire"

The only people who can believe in a God who says "Bury yourself" are the people who know they deserve to die.He tells us to die and be made new, and I forget it's a daily choice. I forget my cross carrying and start throwing myself a parade.I was busy tossing candy at the commoners … Continue reading "She Reads, She Paints, She Sets Things On Fire"

The Torn Up To-Do List: How To Be A Good Christian When You’re A Big Failure

With babies, weeks are blurry even when you get new spectacles. Four days out from Monday and I'm still in a fog, thinking about sad things, the things that visit when you sleep in a chair all night. I try not to sleep in chairs as a rule, but lately I have been unable to … Continue reading The Torn Up To-Do List: How To Be A Good Christian When You’re A Big Failure