A DIY Hat of Rubber Bouncy Ball Proportions

There are bleak, flavorless days. The days when you feel extra un-special and mediocre. Everyone is cooler than you. You think perhaps you could improve your cool quotent by getting a better job, or a better shirt, or a better dog/cat/fish/pet-in-general, or maybe not a pet at all. So, you trade your old cat in for a potted plant, and you spend too much money on t shirts that you discover how to make yourself on Pinterest an hour later.

Save yourself the trouble. This will cheer you up:

14 thoughts on “A DIY Hat of Rubber Bouncy Ball Proportions

  1. First of all, a fish will NOT make you cool. They stink and can't lick your hand to say thank you.

    On the other hand, a deflated ball-hat?
    That's ice-cold, baby.

    p.s. That alligator pool floatie isn't too shabby, either.


  2. YOU ARE WAY COOL!! And I've been meaning to tell you thanks for appreciating my son's tophat and monocle comment. I don't think I've ever told you before, but Q and Sheldon SO remind me of my Zach and Alex when they were little.


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