Bountiful Deliciousness

When I saw the boxes smiling maliciously at me, a little piece of me screamed inside.

I didn’t remember ordering anything from and could only assume I had accidentally subscribed to diaper delivery again. I did that one time, and ended up with three huge boxes of size 5 diapers delivered to my house in a single day. Oopsie.

It was something heavy…

I opened them.
I laughed. I cried. I cried while I laughed, and then I checked my bank account.

I had forty boxes of Cheez-its. One hundred and two dollars worth of snack crackers.
What the WHAT?!

I didn’t order them. Who orders FORTY boxes of Cheez-its?!?!? I think this stuff only happens to me.

No one is confessing to this crime. Could my children have actually ordered them by mistake while sneaking onto my computer? I guess it’s possible.

Suspect A:

Suspect B:

 I called Customer Service. I explained the situation and the woman could not believe I had 4-0 boxes of Cheez-Its either. She told me to keep the Cheez and she would refund my account the 102 greenbacks.

The question became, “What do I do with 40 boxes of @*$#& Cheez Its?!” I thought about keeping them, but who wants to eat that much questionable food? Then I thought about selling them to my friends, but that seemed like too much work, and frankly I have no desire to become a Cheez It saleswoman. My sister suggested I sign them and sell autographed boxes on my blog, but that’s just the really long way to go about keeping 40 boxes of Cheez Its.

I’ve been planning to take a bunch of toys to a local home for homeless children and women and it occurred to me that little children enjoy some cheesy goodness. I called them and offered them 40 boxes of Cheez Its and a minivans worth of toys, and they told me to keep the toys and bring the Cheez Its.

So I did.

As I rang the door Downtown and delivered the crackers, I had to wonder what homeless little kid had been praying for Cheez Its. The woman who answered the door couldn’t believe the golden orange haul of cracker-y goodness that had been dropped at her door step, and I couldn’t believe it either.

It’s been a strange day. I told Derrick I really believe that God sent me those Cheez Its to deliver downtown for Him to make a little kid happy, and I started crying.

Derrick stared at me and then he sang me this song…

I smiled. It was the perfect way to end a completely baffling day.

Since it’s come to my attention that sometimes we end up with extra, leftover slices of Daily Bread, will you consider taking it to your local Food Bank or Shelter? What does God want you to deliver? Click HERE for a good blog post full of ideas on how to bless people

22 thoughts on “Bountiful Deliciousness

  1. You are the only person I know that this could actually happen to. Please tell me you laid down on the California ground and made snow angels after delivering the Cheez Its.


  2. I love that AMAZON refunded your money without question.

    I love that you immediately looked for a way to share this bountiful deliciousness with others.

    And I love that Shel is wearing my glasses.

    (Really. Those look exactly like mine. I just knew he was classy.)


  3. I was the one who said you should sign them and sell them on your blog, not your sister!! Unless she suggested it, too. If so, she is brilliant. Oh well. I guess giving them to kids is better. 😉


  4. Wicked funny post, JoAnn — and sweet, too. You could have shipped them to my house, of course — I have an unholy love of Cheez-Its. The full-fat kind of course. I buy them for the kids and then maw down the whole box myself while I watch HGTV. Isn't that always the way it goes?

    Seriously…awesome idea to bring them to the shelter. I kind of felt like crying when I finished reading this post…and not just because I am missing out on all those luscious Cheez-Its.


  5. You gotta love that “HEAVY – Lift With Care” was stamped on a box of CheezIts…

    I think God provided in a delightful way for someone who needed those – and just chose to use you! Love this!


  6. what i wouldn't give -maybe 40 boxes of cheezits- to be able to sit down one afternoon for one great big long heart to heart, laugh my tush off, girlfriend conversation with you. i do believe these things do only happen to you. and hoorah for the customer service woman who gave you your $$ back! and for derrick singing you love songs. :))


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