Checking In With My Peeps

I have a friend visiting me from Germany for three weeks. I will not be writing as much (cue sad violin music)(dim the lights).  I’m a tad busy.

They’re on a boat! With their flippy floppies! (I was flippin’ copies).

So far I’ve been boating in the mountains. I’ve visited 2,200 year old trees the size of the state of Rhode Island (I made that part up)(but the trees were big). I learned how to Skype. I’ve had friends over for dinner, and I’ve gone to friends for dinner. I’ve eaten a lot of Mexican food (they don’t have the good stuff there in Germany I guess). I made macaroni and cheese…from a box (another American novelty). I received a book in the mail that SOMEONE is hounding me to read. There was also a postcard from Phoenix in the mail from someone who’s hair um, sweats (?).  I went out at 10:30 at night in a limo, visited a human meat market of sorts, realized I forgot my miniskirt and came home ten minutes later. I went to church and found an abduction note in the bible in front of me (hoax? worrisome? you need more coffee? baffling? High School Prank? You decide!).

He is not on a boat. He decided to chase ducks instead.

And, that’s just this weekend.

I’ll try to update my doings and my comings, goings, and any other -ings on Facebook and Google +. I’ll be back. For now I’m just eating, playing, adventuring, talking, parenting, touring, and smiling.
In the meantime, if you have a blog, think about what your favorite post is that I’ve been missing. I’m going to have a link up (as soon as I do the dishes…and figure out how to use a link up, and get back to regularly scheduled programing). When I get back, I want you to link your favorite blog post that I’ve missed and then? I will read them. Maybe other people will read them too. I don’t know. I can promise that I will read them though.

also not on a boat

17 thoughts on “Checking In With My Peeps

  1. Well, after you're done gallivanting around like a super star, I've been busy cleaning up poop and tending to fevers. I live the life. I just pretend my house in my canoe, only instead of beautiful mountains surrounding it, there should be yellow hazard tape. Tu Shay.

    Anyway – I guess the only semi-interesting post you've probably missed (while gallivanting around), is this one….but it's only because I used the word “butts.” I feel so scandalous using the word “butt” now. It's what my life has come to. Butt.


  2. hahahahahaha! you've been really busy!

    i am however slightly concerned that you forgot your skirt & it took you 10 minutes to get home! should i be??? i mean if i forgot my skirt i'd be feeling the wet nose of a golden retriever somewhere that it shouldn't be, before i even left the drive! 😉

    your lil' guy is the cutest…except maybe my baby! 😉 she's pretty cute too!


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