Because I Used to Hide and Cry

 When I die, bury me in candy. Maybe not in Crunch bars, but Butterfingers and Milky Ways. Dance at my funeral and comfort my bones with sweet things. Ignore the absence of dental work.Pay attention while you can, to the vibrant colors that make up the world. The flaming orange of the fall pumpkins. The … Continue reading Because I Used to Hide and Cry

Christmas in October

This post is dedicated to Nancy. We got in a twitter fight over Christmas Music. I said it was too soon and then she threw her bible at me. Then we took the fight to Facebook where I tagged her on a photo of an Emu. She'd been emued, and I thought the whole thing … Continue reading Christmas in October

Joy In The Ante Meridiem

I like to think God is pleased when we greet the dawn in a tricorn hat.  It takes trust to run at sunrise, with a whisk, in the autumn crisp. To be children of joy...Well, it's a tall order in today's world. It calls for a bit of surrender and a touch of humility.Sometimes kitchen utensils help. … Continue reading Joy In The Ante Meridiem

Dr. Claw And The Longest Post Ever

For many years I've longed after a cat for my own possession.I've always liked cats, having fond memories of Pookie Flower, the not-so-brilliant Siamese that I grew up with. She wasn't the friendliest of animals, but she had glamour. And mystery. Glamorous mystery. Plus, my mom ended up pulling kitty litter duty, so all my … Continue reading Dr. Claw And The Longest Post Ever

Let Me Tell You About Leaves

The leaves are singing their last song, whisper soft. Then,softlygracefully,beautifully,they fall to the ground, dead.They rustle and I'm restless, wandering and trying to follow suit. How do I dance slowly? How do I fall down gracefully? I try to practice letting go. I try to die beautifully.I'm listening a lot lately. I hear a lot … Continue reading Let Me Tell You About Leaves