Joy In The Ante Meridiem

I like to think God is pleased when we greet the dawn in a tricorn hat. 

 It takes trust to run at sunrise, with a whisk, in the autumn crisp. To be children of joy…

Well, it’s a tall order in today’s world. It calls for a bit of surrender and a touch of humility.
Sometimes kitchen utensils help. And hats. 

11 thoughts on “Joy In The Ante Meridiem

  1. So cute! The kitchen utensils make them authentic, I'm sure. I'm trying to make a tricorn pirate hat for my big 9yo boy and it's not going so well. I think I'm just going to break down and buy one that's too small and cut it up!


  2. I started shouting, “Amen!” at your first sentence and didn't stop until the piece ended.

    Thank you for cheering up Jodi. She really needs to go hug her new grandbaby.


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