Christmas in October

This post is dedicated to Nancy. We got in a twitter fight over Christmas Music. I said it was too soon and then she threw her bible at me. Then we took the fight to Facebook where I tagged her on a photo of an Emu. She’d been emued, and I thought the whole thing was over. Then, I became the recipient of some pretty ridiculous/awesome diapers. They were free. Seriously though. IT. IS. OCTOBER. PEOPLE!

That being said, it’s never to early for adorableness. I know I could use some after today.

Update: this diaper has just been filled. An October Christmas present to me, if you will. Ho! ho! HO!

22 thoughts on “Christmas in October

  1. Hahahahaha, awesomeness! Sorry Nancy, but I'm with JoAnn on this one. And here's my pet peeves: Halloween candy on the shelves in August, and the biggest offender: Valentine candy on the shelves in early December. It almost made me want to leave the country.


  2. this is amazing! amazing! the diapers are the perfect comeback to being emued, good job nancy. now, if only joann could find an emu in a santa diaper to send you… (as an accomplice, i'll be on the lookout.)


  3. Your baby is too cute even wearing a Santa diaper in October. It is too early for Christmas music. We have snow in our weekend forecast. It is absolutely too early for that!!


  4. It's the most wonderful time, of the year! Don't argue with the diaper, JoAnn. Nothing good can come of it. And then you'll just end of on the naughty list. I could try to put in a good word for you with Santa, but I don't know. We're pretty tight, but there are limits to how many favors I can call in for friends who've wound up on the naughty list.

    So glad I logged on tonight. Love you all to ridiculous limits.


  5. When Christmas music starts early, it's not as special – kind of like my homemade eggnog. I just wish I could get mini-cadbury eggs for my candy jar on my desk year round:(

    Awfully stinkin' cute baby!



    The day after Thanksgiving is the appropriate time to start playing Christmas music.

    And that's not just my opinion. That's the law of Christmas.


  7. oh my gosh, his fingers are so FAT! i love it!
    And you are so totally right. I cannot even stand to hear anyone humming Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, as soon as Monday is over, it will be all Christmas all the time everywhere you go…gah.


  8. OMG, how cute is he?! And one of the (oh so) many reasons I am glad to be out of retail is that I don't have to listen to 8 hours of continuous Christmas music every day for two straight months. Maybe now that I'm out I can begin to appreciate holidays again. 😉


  9. love your little man and his stylin' free nappies. and um, please don't terminate our friendship, but christmas tunage is a year-round thing at chez owens.


  10. LOL!!! oh my goodness. you guys are the best. and your baby is way too adorable. i think i'm going to have to come and steal him. oh wait, i have one of my own. never mind. 😛 still tempting tho…


  11. Here in Canada we have Thanksgiving mid October. One year I put our Christmas tree up right after Thanksgiving and kept it up till prior to Valentines. My husband thought that was a bit excessive, but no holidays were overlapping so I thought it was fine…

    The same goes for Christmas music… I wouldn't go for year round, but four months out of the year is okay with me! lol…


  12. Okay, it's been a long time since I've changed a diaper. Especially since I got with Jesse and he has NO PROBLEM changing baby's diapers after changing adult men's diapers in a home in Mexico for 6 months. What I'm trying to say is, I looked at that diaper and thought, “Did it turn red and Santa-like because he peed and the moisture made the image appear?” and then I thought that was disgusting and why would they have diapers that turns colors when a kid pees, and then I realized there are a lot of weird things out there and maybe that I was right to begin with. I don't know anymore.

    But that is a cute photo.


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