Because I Used to Hide and Cry

 When I die, bury me in candy. Maybe not in Crunch bars, but Butterfingers and Milky Ways. Dance at my funeral and comfort my bones with sweet things. Ignore the absence of dental work.

Pay attention while you can, to the vibrant colors that make up the world. The flaming orange of the fall pumpkins. The dull grey of the wooden walk. These are gifts, as are googly eyes and washable paint. Make art from humble gourds in the garden.

 Dance and be colorful. Laugh when Spongebob, Made From Sponges, falls off the Merry-Go-Round. Square people always have a hard time spinning, help them up and start again. Life is short and scary. Make it color. Make it music. We are the joyful ones.

Death is serious business, but so is joy. I wore bunny ears when I showed my children witches. I gave them a hot dog when they met a zombie. Throw a party. Run outside. Hug the dead and the undead you encounter, today and everyday. We are more than conquerors in Christ. 

15 thoughts on “Because I Used to Hide and Cry

  1. I'm glad to read this post. I was feeling you needed some redemptive writing after the October is too early for Christmas music post. I almost became on un-follower…almost 🙂


  2. There are reasons, Ostrich girl, that I absolutely adore you. Yes, yes, yes! To all of it! Especially the part about square people having a hard time spinning. Joy is such serious business!


  3. things are what we make of them. i LOVE ALL OF THIS! how do those that have the biggest and best inside of us so easily forget and run scared? zombies, sharing my faith, cat puke on my bed… i am more than a conquerer. right on.


  4. Halloween is what one makes it – to me it comes out of a religious observation to remember those gone on before us followed by a day to pray for those still here – and to me, everything touches God – and so I try to make it something that touches God and let's me touch others' lives for him. I am so glad you are more than a conquerer!


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