Flitting About And Filming It

I’m going to the farm today, mostly because I am sick of doing vacation laundry and partially because I’m completely against routine. It’s a weakness of mine, but I don’t handle the everyday regular…everyday. What I’m trying to say is, I like change. I like adventure. I like doing different things every day.

I guess that sort of explains how I ended up packing every one’s bag on Saturday night with the intention of going somewhere fun. The “somewhere fun” ended up being Disneyland, which I KNOW is insane, but we can talk more about that later. In the meantime, here’s a video of Q recapping our trip…and telling me to stop drinking coffee…and then telling me to drink coffee. Four year olds are textbook dictators, of the insane variety. Anyway, here you go, high quality visual amazingness:

Update: Dealing with residual Disneyland crap, Q asked me “How do dreams come true?” I said, “Is there something you think about doing? You plan how to make it possible…”
“I dream of flying.”
“Oh,” I said, “then you make plans to fly on an airplane”
“NO I mean fly by myself!” he said.
“Um, well maybe if you think of some other dream that’s more possible..”
“How would I be a possum? What? Oh, I guess get a possum costume..and walk around like a possum”

Disneyland. Bringing your 4 year old Possum dreams, because possums are possible.

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